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Recent revisions

6111. By Simon Tatham on 2021-05-13

Don't #include <utmp.h> if it doesn't exist.

A FreeBSD user reports that it doesn't exist there.

6110. By Simon Tatham on 2021-05-13

Close agent named-pipe handles when queries complete.

I was cleaning up the 'struct handle', but not the underlying HANDLE.
As a result, any PuTTY process that makes a request to Pageant keeps
the named pipe connection open until the end of the process's

6109. By Simon Tatham on 2021-05-13

Fix confusion between invalid Windows HANDLE values.

I was checking a HANDLE against INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE to decide whether
it should be closed. But ten lines further up, I was setting it
manually to NULL to suppress the close. Oops.

6108. By Simon Tatham on 2021-05-09

New test tool: list-accel.py.

Gives a quick and easy report of which HW-accelerated crypto
implementations are (a) compiled in to testcrypt, (b) actually
instantiable at testcrypt run time.

6107. By Simon Tatham on 2021-05-08

Reinstate missing bit counts in Windows Pageant GUI.

An embarrassing braino of && for || produced a boolean expression that
could never evaluate true.

6106. By Simon Tatham on 2021-05-08

Make TermWin's palette_get_overrides() take a Terminal *.

Less than 12 hours after 0.75 went out of the door, a user pointed out
that enabling the 'Use system colours' config option causes an
immediate NULL-dereference crash. The reason is because a chain of
calls from term_init() ends up calling back to the Windows
implementation of the palette_get_overrides() method, which responds
by trying to call functions on the static variable 'term' in window.c,
which won't be initialised until term_init() has returned.

Simple fix: palette_get_overrides() is now given a pointer to the
Terminal that it should be updating, because it can't find it out any
other way.

6105. By Simon Tatham on 2021-05-08

New application: a Windows version of 'pterm'!

This fulfills our long-standing Mayhem-difficulty wishlist item
'win-command-prompt': this is a Windows pterm in the sense that when
you run it you get a local cmd.exe running inside a PuTTY-style window.

Advantages of this: you get the same free choice of fonts as PuTTY has
(no restriction to a strange subset of the system's available fonts);
you get the same copy-paste gestures as PuTTY (no mental gear-shifting
when you have command prompts and SSH sessions open on the same
desktop); you get scrollback with the PuTTY semantics (scrolling to
the bottom gets you to where the action is, as opposed to the way you
could accidentally find yourself 500 lines past the end of the action
in a real console).

'win-command-prompt' was at Mayhem difficulty ('Probably impossible')
basically on the grounds that with Windows's old APIs for accessing
the contents of consoles, there was no way I could find to get this to
work sensibly. What was needed to make it feasible was a major piece
of re-engineering work inside Windows itself.

But, of course, that's exactly what happened! In 2019, the new ConPTY
API arrived, which lets you create an object that behaves like a
Windows console at one end, and round the back, emits a stream of
VT-style escape sequences as the screen contents evolve, and accepts a
VT-style input stream in return which it will parse function and arrow
keys out of in the usual way.

So now it's actually _easy_ to get this to basically work. The new
backend, in conpty.c, has to do a handful of magic Windows API calls
to set up the pseudo-console and its feeder pipes and start a
subprocess running in it, a further magic call every time the PuTTY
window is resized, and detect the end of the session by watching for
the subprocess terminating. But apart from that, all it has to do is
pass data back and forth unmodified between those pipes and the
backend's associated Seat!

That said, this is new and experimental, and there will undoubtedly be
issues. One that I already know about is that you can't copy and paste
a word that has wrapped between lines without getting an annoying
newline in the middle of it. As far as I can see this is a fundamental
limitation: the ConPTY system sends the _same_ escape sequence stream
for a line that wrapped as it would send for a line that had a logical
\n at what would have been the wrap point. Probably the best we can do
to mitigate this is to adopt a different heuristic for newline elision
that's right more often than it's wrong.

For the moment, that experimental-ness is indicated by the fact that
Buildscr will build, sign and deliver a copy of pterm.exe for each
flavour of Windows, but won't include it in the .zip file or in the
installer. (In fact, that puts it in exactly the same ad-hoc category
as PuTTYtel, although for completely different reasons.)

6104. By Simon Tatham on 2021-05-08

Make Windows versions of the pterm icons.

icons/Makefile will now rebuild them, but also, as per this code
base's usual policy with Windows icons, they're committed directly in
the windows subdir.

6103. By Simon Tatham on 2021-05-08

Move icon declarations out of putty-common.rc2.

Now they're done by putty.rc and puttytel.rc, before including
putty-common.rc2. So another user of putty-common.rc2 can disagree on
what icons to use.

6102. By Simon Tatham on 2021-05-08

Move some parts of window.c into putty.c.

This prepares the ground for a second essentially similarly-shaped
program reusing most of window.c but handling its command line and
startup differently. A couple of large parts of WinMain() to do with
backend selection and command-line handling are now subfunctions in a
separate file putty.c.

Also, our custom AppUserModelId is defined in that file, so that it
can vary with the client application.

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