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The import has been suspended because it failed 5 or more times in succession.

Last successful import was on 2018-06-10.

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Recent revisions

45098. By Michael Paquier <email address hidden> on 2018-06-10

Fix and document lock handling for in-memory replication slot data

While debugging issues on HEAD for the new slot forwarding feature of
Postgres 11, some monitoring of the code surrounding in-memory slot data
has proved that the lock handling may cause inconsistent data to be read
by read-only callers of slot functions, particularly
pg_get_replication_slots() which fetches data for the system view
pg_replication_slots, or modules looking directly at slot information.

The code paths involved in those problems concern logical decoding
initialization (down to 9.4) and WAL reservation for slots (new as of

A set of comments documenting all the lock handlings, particularly the
dependency with LW locks for slots and the in_use flag as well as the
internal mutex lock is added, based on a suggested by Simon Riggs.

Some of the fixed code exists down to 9.4 where WAL decoding has been
introduced, but as those race conditions are really unlikely going to
happen as those concern code paths for slot and decoding creation, just
fix the problem on HEAD.

Author: Michael Paquier

Discussion: https://<email address hidden>

45097. By Thomas Munro <email address hidden> on 2018-06-10

Limit Parallel Hash's bucket array to MaxAllocSize.

Make sure that we don't exceed MaxAllocSize when increasing the number of
buckets. Perhaps later we'll remove that limit and use DSA_ALLOC_HUGE, but
for now just prevent further increases like the non-parallel code. This
change avoids the error from bug report #15225.

Author: Thomas Munro
Reviewed-By: Tom Lane
Reported-by: Frits Jalvingh
Discussion: https://postgr.es/m/152802081668.26724.16985037679312485972%40wrigleys.postgresql.org

45096. By Peter Geoghegan <email address hidden> on 2018-06-09

Fix typo in JIT README.

Author: Daniel Gustafsson
Discussion: https://<email address hidden>

45095. By Álvaro Herrera on 2018-06-08

Teach SHOW ALL to honor pg_read_all_settings membership

Also, fix the pg_settings view to display source filename and line
number when invoked by a pg_read_all_settings member. This addition by
me (Álvaro).

Also, fix wording of the comment in GetConfigOption regarding the
restriction it implements, renaming the parameter for extra clarity.
Noted by Michaël.

These were all oversight in commit 25fff40798fc; backpatch to pg10,
where that commit first appeared.

Author: Laurenz Albe
Reviewed-by: Michaël Paquier, Álvaro Herrera
Discussion: https://<email address hidden>

45094. By Peter Eisentraut on 2018-06-08

Fix typo

45093. By Peter Eisentraut on 2018-06-08

Add missing serial commas

45092. By Peter Eisentraut on 2018-06-08

doc: Move some new options into better positions on man pages

45091. By Peter Eisentraut on 2018-06-08

ecpg: Document new compatibility option

It's listed in --help, so it should be listed in the man page as well.

45090. By Simon Riggs <simon@2ndQuadrant.com> on 2018-06-07

Exclude VACUUMs from RunningXactData

GetRunningTransactionData() should ignore VACUUM procs because in some
cases they are assigned xids. This could lead to holding back xmin via
the route of passing the xid to standby and then having that hold back
xmin on master via feedback.

Backpatch to 9.1 needed, but will only do so on supported versions.
Backpatch once proven on the buildfarm.

Reported-by: Greg Stark
Author: Simon Riggs
Reviewed-by: Amit Kapila
Discussion: https://<email address hidden>

45089. By Magnus Hagander on 2018-06-07

Fix typo in README

Author: Daniel Gustafsson <email address hidden>

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