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This branch is an import of the HEAD branch of the Git repository at git://git.postgresql.org/git/postgresql.git.

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Last successful import was on 2020-03-05.

Import started on 2020-03-09 on alnitak and finished on 2020-03-09 taking 25 seconds — see the log
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Import started on 2020-03-06 on alnitak and finished on 2020-03-06 taking 25 seconds — see the log

Recent revisions

48627. By Álvaro Herrera on 2020-03-05

Remove RangeIOData->typiofunc

We used to carry the I/O function OID in RangeIOData, but it's not used
for anything. Since the struct is not exposed to the world anyway, we
can simplify it a bit. Also, rename the FmgrInfo member to match
the accompanying 'typioparam' and put them in a more sensible order.

Reviewed by Tom Lane and Paul Jungwirth.

Discussion: https://<email address hidden>

48626. By Michael Paquier <email address hidden> on 2020-03-05

Avoid -Wconversion warnings when using checksum_impl.h

This does not matter much when compiling Postgres proper as many
warnings exist when enabling this compilation flag, but it can be
annoying for external modules willing to use both.

Author: David Steele
Discussion: https://<email address hidden>

48625. By Fujii Masao <email address hidden> on 2020-03-05

Fix issues around .pgpass file.

This commit fixes the following two issues around .pgpass file.

(1) If the length of a line in .pgpass file was larger than 319B,
        libpq silently treated each 319B in the line as a separate
        setting line.

(2) The document explains that a line beginning with # is treated
        as a comment in .pgpass. But there was no code doing such
        special handling. Whether a line begins with # or not, libpq
        just checked that the first token in the line match with the host.

For (1), this commit makes libpq warn if the length of a line
is larger than 319B, and throw away the remaining part beginning
from 320B position.

For (2), this commit changes libpq so that it treats any lines
beginning with # as comments.

Author: Fujii Masao
Reviewed-by: Hamid Akhtar
Discussion: https://<email address hidden>

48624. By Michael Paquier <email address hidden> on 2020-03-05

Fix more issues with dependency handling at swap phase of REINDEX CONCURRENTLY

When canceling a REINDEX CONCURRENTLY operation after swapping is done,
a drop of the parent table would leave behind old indexes. This is a
consequence of 68ac9cf, which fixed the case of pg_depend bloat when
repeating REINDEX CONCURRENTLY on the same relation.

In order to take care of the problem without breaking the previous fix,
this uses a different strategy, possible even with the exiting set of
routines to handle dependency changes. The dependencies of/on the
new index are additionally switched to the old one, allowing an old
invalid index remaining around because of a cancellation or a failure to
use the dependency links of the concurrently-created index. This
ensures that dropping any objects the old invalid index depends on also
drops the old index automatically.

Reported-by: Julien Rouhaud
Author: Michael Paquier
Reviewed-by: Julien Rouhaud
Discussion: https://postgr.es/m/20200227080735.l32fqcauy73lon7o@nol
Backpatch-through: 12

48623. By Jeff Davis <email address hidden> on 2020-03-05

Extend ExecBuildAggTrans() to support a NULL pointer check.

Optionally push a step to check for a NULL pointer to the pergroup

This will be important for disk-based hash aggregation in combination
with grouping sets. When memory limits are reached, a given tuple may
find its per-group state for some grouping sets but not others. For
the former, it advances the per-group state as normal; for the latter,
it skips evaluation and the calling code will have to spill the tuple
and reprocess it in a later batch.

Add the NULL check as a separate expression step because in some
common cases it's not needed.

Discussion: https://postgr.es/m/20200221202212.ssb2qpmdgrnx52sj%40alap3.anarazel.de

48622. By Tom Lane <email address hidden> on 2020-03-04

Introduce macros for typalign and typstorage constants.

Our usual practice for "poor man's enum" catalog columns is to define
macros for the possible values and use those, not literal constants,
in C code. But for some reason lost in the mists of time, this was
never done for typalign/attalign or typstorage/attstorage. It's never
too late to make it better though, so let's do that.

The reason I got interested in this right now is the need to duplicate
some uses of the TYPSTORAGE constants in an upcoming ALTER TYPE patch.
But in general, this sort of change aids greppability and readability,
so it's a good idea even without any specific motivation.

I may have missed a few places that could be converted, and it's even
more likely that pending patches will re-introduce some hard-coded
references. But that's not fatal --- there's no expectation that
we'd actually change any of these values. We can clean up stragglers
over time.

Discussion: https://<email address hidden>

48621. By Peter Eisentraut on 2020-03-04

Move pg_upgrade's Windows link() implementation to AC_REPLACE_FUNCS

This way we can make use of it in other components as well, and it
fits better with the rest of the build system.

Discussion: https://www.postgresql.org/message-id/flat/72fff73f-dc9c-4ef4-83e8-d2e60c98df48%402ndquadrant.com

48620. By Tom Lane <email address hidden> on 2020-03-03

Allow to_date/to_timestamp to recognize non-English month/day names.

to_char() has long allowed the TM (translation mode) prefix to
specify output of translated month or day names; but that prefix
had no effect in input format strings. Now it does. to_date()
and to_timestamp() will now recognize the same month or day names
that to_char() would output for the same format code. Matching is
case-insensitive (per the active collation's notion of what that
means), just as it has always been for English month/day names
without the TM prefix.

(As per the discussion thread, there are lots of cases that this
feature will not handle, such as alternate day names. But being
able to accept what to_char() will output seems useful enough.)

In passing, fix some shaky English and violations of message
style guidelines in jsonpath errors for the .datetime() method,
which depends on this code.

Juan José Santamaría Flecha, reviewed and modified by me,
with other commentary from Alvaro Herrera, Tomas Vondra,
Arthur Zakirov, Peter Eisentraut, Mark Dilger.

Discussion: https://<email address hidden>

48619. By Peter Eisentraut on 2020-03-03

pg_standby: Don't use HAVE_WORKING_LINK

HAVE_WORKING_LINK is meant to indicate support for hard links, mainly
for Windows. Here it is used for soft links on Unix, and the
functionality is optional anyway, so we can just make it error out
normally if needed.

Discussion: https://www.postgresql.org/message-id/flat/72fff73f-dc9c-4ef4-83e8-d2e60c98df48%402ndquadrant.com

48618. By Fujii Masao <email address hidden> on 2020-03-03

Fix typo in monitoring.sgml.

Author: Noriyoshi Shinoda

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