Created by VCS imports on 2005-12-31 and last modified on 2011-09-12
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Import Status: Failed

This branch is an import of the CVS module OpenEXR from :pserver:anonymous@cvs.sv.nongnu.org:/cvsroot/openexr.

The import has been suspended because it failed 5 or more times in succession.

Last successful import was on 2016-12-19.

Import started on 2016-12-27 on pear and finished on 2016-12-27 taking 20 seconds — see the log
Import started on 2016-12-23 on pear and finished on 2016-12-23 taking 15 seconds — see the log
Import started on 2016-12-21 on pear and finished on 2016-12-21 taking 15 seconds — see the log
Import started on 2016-12-20 on pear and finished on 2016-12-20 taking 15 seconds — see the log

Recent revisions

701. By pstanczyk on 2011-09-12

Updating the assoicated ChangeLog files ready for the next version release.

700. By pstanczyk on 2011-09-10

..and updated the current version number to 7 and pkg version to 1.7.1 in anticipation of the next release

699. By pstanczyk on 2011-09-10

removing the -Wno-long-double warnings option for OS X since it seems it is no longer supported on recent versions

698. By pstanczyk on 2011-05-19

Fixed a missing semi-colon

697. By jihun on 2010-08-04

security patch for OpenSUSE distribution

696. By jihun on 2010-08-04

missing headers added for gcc 4.3.1

695. By jihun on 2010-07-30

IlmImfFuzzTest is missing in Makefile.am

694. By jihun on 2010-07-22


693. By jihun on 2010-07-22

IlmImfFuzzTest is not included in the solution build

692. By pstanczyk on 2010-07-23

updating with additions for v1.0.2

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Branch format 7
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Bazaar repository format 2a (needs bzr 1.16 or later)
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