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This branch is an import of the Subversion branch from svn://svn.nginx.org/nginx/trunk/.

The import has been suspended because it failed 5 or more times in succession.

Last successful import was on 2013-06-19.

Import started on 2016-04-24 on neumayer and finished on 2016-04-24 taking 25 seconds — see the log
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Recent revisions

4106. By mdounin on 2013-04-24


4105. By mdounin on 2013-04-24

Version bump.

4104. By vbart on 2013-04-23

SPDY: set NGX_TCP_NODELAY_DISABLED for fake connections.

This is to avoid setting the TCP_NODELAY flag on SPDY socket in
ngx_http_upstream_send_response(). The latter works per request,
but in SPDY case it might affect other streams in connection.

4103. By mdounin on 2013-04-23

Perl: request body handling fixed.

As of 1.3.9, chunked request body may be available with
r->headers_in.content_length_n <= 0. Additionally, request body
may be in multiple buffers even if r->request_body_in_single_buf
was requested.

4102. By mdounin on 2013-04-19

Configure: fixed perl Makefile generation (ticket #334).

Dependancy tracking introduced in r5169 were not handled absolute path
names properly. Absolute names might appear in CORE_DEPS if --with-openssl
or --with-pcre configure arguments are used to build OpenSSL/PCRE

Additionally, revert part of r5169 to set NGX_INCS from Makefile
variables. Makefile variables have $ngx_include_opt in them, which
might result in wrong include paths being used. As a side effect,
this also restores build with --with-http_perl_module and --without-http
at the same time.

4101. By ru on 2013-04-18

Configure: uniformly refer to libs when searching for md5 and sha1.

4100. By ru on 2013-04-18

Version bump.

4099. By mdounin on 2013-04-16


4098. By mdounin on 2013-04-16

Events: backout eventport changes (r5172) for now.

Evenport method needs more work. Changes in r5172, while being correct,
introduce various new regressions with current code.

4097. By mdounin on 2013-04-16

Request body: only read body in main request (ticket #330).

Before 1.3.9 an attempt to read body in a subrequest only caused problems
if body wasn't already read or discarded in a main request. Starting with
1.3.9 it might also cause problems if body was discarded by a main request
before subrequest start.

Fix is to just ignore attempts to read request body in a subrequest, which
looks like right thing to do anyway.

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