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Recent revisions

3821. By dcbw on 2008-12-09

Update wireless-tools message to be more informative

3820. By dcbw on 2008-12-09

2008-12-09 Dan Williams <email address hidden>

 * libnm-util/libnm-util.ver
  - Add 'never-default' property, which when true indicates that a
   connection should never be the default connection

 * src/nm-ip4-config.c
  - (nm_ip4_config_get_never_default, nm_ip4_config_set_never_default):
   Add never-default helpers

 * src/NetworkManagerUtils.c
  - (nm_utils_merge_ip4_config): update never-default when merging the
   IP4 setting to the IP4 config

 * src/NetworkManagerSystem.c
  - (nm_system_apply_ip4_config): if the connection is never-default,
   don't add routes without a gateway

 * src/NetworkManagerPolicy.c
  - (get_best_device): don't let never-default connections be the best
  - (update_routing_and_dns): handle never-default for VPN connections

 * system-settings/plugins/ifcfg-rh/reader.c
  - (make_ip4_setting): handle never-default by checking GATEWAYDEV

3819. By dcbw on 2008-12-08

2008-12-08 Dan Williams <email address hidden>

 * src/vpn-manager/nm-vpn-connection.c
  - (plugin_state_changed): clear secrets before setting the connection
   state to FAILED, since doing so may destroy the connection itself,
   since the NMVPNService owning this NMVPNConnection will unref it
   when the NMVPNConnection is failed or stopped

3818. By simos on 2008-12-07

Fixed typo in Greek translation

3817. By simos on 2008-12-07

Updated Greek translation.

3816. By simos on 2008-12-07

Updated Greek translation by Evgenia Petoumenou.

3815. By mariobl on 2008-12-06

Updated German translation of vpnc

3814. By dcbw on 2008-12-06

2008-12-05 Dan Williams <email address hidden>

 * auth-dialog/gnome-two-password-dialog.c
  - Simplify to only what the VPN plugin actually needs

 * auth-dialog/main.c
  - (find_connection_path): split out into separate function
  - (get_secrets): be more intelligent about requesting password when
   the password type cannot be found in the VPN details; use new VPN
   password dialog stuff
  - (get_connection_info): rename from get_password_types(); get
   connection name too
  - (main): don't require a connection name too; it's pointless

 * properties/nm-vpnc.c
  - (init_one_pw_combo): if the password was found, but the password type
   wasn't, default to saving the password in the keyring. Otherwise
   if both the type and the password couldn't be found, default to
   always asking for it.
  - (init_plugin_ui): get VPN passwords before setting up the type combos

3813. By dcbw on 2008-12-05

2008-12-05 Dan Williams <email address hidden>

 Patch from Michael Biebl <email address hidden>

 * libnm-glib/Makefile.am
  - Bump libnm-glib revision to indicate new API
  - Give libnm-util version info

 * libnm-util/Makefile.am
  - Bump libnm-util soname to indicate API/ABI break with 0.6

3812. By mariobl on 2008-12-05

Updated German translation

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