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Last successful import was on 2010-04-30.

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Recent revisions

1034. By dcbw on 2009-04-15

2009-04-15 Alexander Sack <email address hidden>

 * src/connection-editor/nm-connection-list.c
  - (add_done_cb): prevent assertion crash when editor dialogs are
   cancelled (lp #361115)

1033. By rsabiq on 2009-04-14

2009-04-13 Re┼čat SABIQ <email address hidden>

 * LINGUAS: crh
 * crh.po: Added Crimean Tatar (Crimean Turkish) translation.

1032. By mariobl on 2009-04-13

Updated German translation

1031. By kennethn on 2009-04-12

Updated Danish translation

1030. By kelemeng on 2009-04-12

2009-04-12 Gabor Kelemen <email address hidden>

 * hu.po: Translation updated.

1029. By jorgegonz on 2009-04-12

Updated Spanish translation

1028. By claudep on 2009-04-11

2009-04-11 Claude Paroz <claude@2xlibre.net>

 * fr.po: Updated French translation.

1027. By jorgegonz on 2009-04-09

Updated Spanish translation

1026. By dcbw on 2009-04-08

Don't pass message as format string (Alexander Sack)

1025. By dnylande on 2009-04-06

sv.po: Updated Swedish translation

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