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1878. By normalperson

bs: better support for mp4/faad/aac and wavpack builds

* Correctly define the following CPP directives:

* link against libwavpack correctly in bs

* fix include path for the mpd config.h for mp4ff

1877. By normalperson

http: hopefully allow seeking to work on static files

1876. By normalperson

don't call seekInputStream(0) if r==0

If nothing has been read from the input stream, we don't have to
rewind it.

Author: Max Kellermann <email address hidden>

1875. By normalperson

eliminated local variable "to_read"

The variable "to_read" is never modified except in the last iteration
of the while loop. This means the while condition will never become
false, as the body will break before that may be checked.

Author: Max Kellermann <email address hidden>

1874. By normalperson

introduce struct condition as a more correct version of Notify

Start using it in the HTTP code

1873. By normalperson

utils: pthread_{mutex,cond}_init can fail, so check for it

1872. By normalperson

http: initial rewrite using ringbuffer + pthreads

This institutes the usage of a separate thread to buffer HTTP
input. It is basically practice code for using the ringbuffer
code which I plan on reusing for the OutputBuffer as well as
further input buffering for disk (networked filesystems over
WAN, laptops on battery, etc).

Each readFromInputStream() call on an HTTP stream can take
several seconds to complete, short reads are avoided.

A single-threaded solution for systems supporting large enough
SO_RCVBUF values should also be possible and will likely be done
in the future; but this lock-free(except when full/empty)
ringbuffer is cool :)

1871. By normalperson

http: fix some small memory leaks when hitting redirects

1870. By normalperson

utils: add new unforgiving utility functions

We'll be using pipes when waiting for I/O, and condition
variables at other times.

1869. By normalperson

ringbuf: add thread-safe, thread-specific reset functions

This will allow both the reader and writer threads to
reset the ringbuffer in a thread-safe fashion.

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