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Recent revisions

184. By hallski

2007-01-05 Mikael Hallendal <email address hidden>

 * python/*: Removed. Yay SVN!

183. By hallski

updated ChangeLog

182. By hallski

Removed empty directories

181. By hallski

Removed old unused Mono bindings

180. By hallski

2006-12-23 Mikael Hallendal <email address hidden>

 * Release 1.1.5

 * NEWS:
 * configure.ac:
 - Updated for 1.1.5

179. By hallski

2006-12-06 Mikael Hallendal <email address hidden>

 * loudmouth/lm-ssl-gnutls.c: (_lm_ssl_begin):
 - Fixed a warning on 64 bit alpha.
 - Fixes LM-41.

178. By hallski

2006-11-17 Mikael Hallendal <email address hidden>

 * loudmouth/lm-connection.h:
 - Removed a typo slash, reported by Dafydd Harries.
 * loudmouth/lm-parser.c: (parser_error_cb), (lm_parser_parse):
 - Don't free the parser in the parser callback.
 - Patch from Sjoerd Simons.

177. By hallski

2006-11-14 Mikael Hallendal <email address hidden>

 * loudmouth/lm-connection.c:
 - Fixed a memory leak reported by Ganapati Kundapur.
 - Fixes LM-66.

176. By hallski

2006-10-22 Richard Hult <email address hidden>

 * loudmouth/lm-connection.c (connection_do_close)
 - Check that we have the source before removing it and set the pointer
   to NULL.
 - Fixes LM-60.

175. By hallski

2006-10-17 Mikael Hallendal <email address hidden>

 * loudmouth/lm-message-node.c: (lm_message_node_to_string):
 - Small fixup of the previous LM-48 fix.

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