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renaming broken cscvs branch - adding bzr-svn import

Recent revisions

1034. By stbuehler

more strict check for server.stat-cache-engine

1033. By stbuehler

tests: server.name is allowed to overwrite hostname from mod_simple_vhost

 * not the same as doc-root: doc-root has always to be set,
   server.name does not
 the doc-root option is only patched to the conf struct; the real
  doc-root has a separate value in the connection data.
 server-name is patched directly into the connection data.

1032. By stbuehler

proxy-backend-http: fix chunked encoding parser

1031. By stbuehler

Fix conditional interpretation of core options

1030. By glen

- Combine Cache-Control header value in mod_expire to existing HTTP header if header already added by other modules (fixes #2068)

1029. By stbuehler

Fix some warnings

1028. By stbuehler

[mod_postgresql_vhost] replace index() with strchr()

1027. By stbuehler

reset srv->did_wakeup immediately after fdevent_poll

1026. By stbuehler

Add some more people to AUTHORS list

1025. By glen

- Include IP addresses on error log on password failures (fixes #2191)

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