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3161. By slouken

We're switching to Mercurial! :)

3160. By slouken

Fixed bug #968

 Andrey 2010-03-07 07:57:14 PST

mingw32ce-build small fix

3159. By slouken

Fixed bug #943

 Ozkan Sezer 2010-02-06 12:31:06 PST


Here are some small fixes for compiling SDL against mingw-w64.
(see http://mingw-w64.sourceforge.net/ . Despite the name, it
supports both win32 and win64.)

src/audio/windx5/directx.h and src/video/windx5/directx.h (both
SDL-1.2 and SDL-1.3.) I get compilation errors about some union
not having a member named u1 and alike, because of other system
headers being included before this one and them already defining
DUMMYUNIONNAME and stuff. This header probably assumes that those
stuff are defined in windef.h, but mingw-w64 headers define them
in _mingw.h. Easily fixed by moving NONAMELESSUNION definition to
the top of the file.

src/thread/win32/SDL_systhread.c (both SDL-1.2 and SDL-1.3.) :
The __GNUC__ case for pfnSDL_CurrentBeginThread is 32-bit centric
because _beginthreadex returns uintptr_t, not unsigned long which
is 32 bits in win64. Changing the return type to uintptr_t fixes

video/SDL_blit.h (and configure.in) (SDL-1.3-only) : MinGW-w64
uses msvcrt version of _aligned_malloc and _aligned_free and
they are defined in intrin.h (similar to VC). Adding proper
ifdefs fixes it. (Notes about macros to check: __MINGW32__ is
defined for both mingw.org and for mingw-w64 for both win32 and
win64, __MINGW64__ is only defined for _WIN64, so __MINGW64__
can't be used to detect mingw-w64: including _mingw.h and then
checking for __MINGW64_VERSION_MAJOR does the trick.)

SDL_win32video.h (SDL-1.3-only) : Tweaked the VINWER definition
and location in order to avoid multiple redefinition warnings.

Hope these are useful. Thanks.

3158. By slouken

Fixed bug #961

Kalle Olavi Niemitalo 2010-02-28 09:15:50 PST

It seems the SDLK_LMETA and SDLK_RMETA constants have been removed from SDL
1.3. I grepped for them in the SDL source tree and these were the only hits:

./include/SDL_compat.h:230:#define SDLK_LSUPER SDLK_LMETA
./include/SDL_compat.h:231:#define SDLK_RSUPER SDLK_RMETA
./src/video/bwindow/SDL_BWin.h:194: keymap[0x66] = SDLK_LMETA;
./src/video/bwindow/SDL_BWin.h:195: keymap[0x67] = SDLK_RMETA;

I don't know how compatible SDL 1.3 is supposed to be with applications
designed for SDL 1.2. However, as you can see, SDL itself is still trying to
use the removed constants, and that is clearly a bug.

Because SDL_compat.h defines KMOD_LMETA as KMOD_LGUI, I suppose it should also
define SDLK_LMETA as SDLK_LGUI, and SDLK_RMETA likewise.

3157. By slouken

Removed reference to compatibility function

3156. By bobbens

Reset actuators and set autocenter might not actually be supported on all
 implementations. We'll just disable error checking since they aren't
 critical to neither opening the joystick nor the haptic subsystem.

3155. By slouken

Removed reference to compatibility function

3154. By slouken

Fixed typo in the comment

3153. By slouken

Adam Strzelecki to SDL

When graphic card has no GL_ARB_texture_rectangle YUV textures mapped with SDL_RenderCopy are stretched 2x horizontally, so only left half of texture is visible. This is due:
       data->texw = (GLfloat) (texture->w) / texture_w;
       data->texh = (GLfloat) texture->h / texture_h;
But afterwards texture_w /= 2 for YUV texture, but data->texw stays as it was before, while it should be multiplied 2x.

This bug can be seen in any program setting env variables: GL_APPLE_ycbcr_422=0 GL_EXT_texture_rectangle=0 GL_ARB_texture_rectangle=0

3152. By slouken

Make sure STRICT is defined so the window proc has the correct prototype

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