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Last successful import was on 2012-07-31.

Import started on 2012-08-04 on pear and finished on 2012-08-04 taking 10 seconds — see the log
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15. By murrayc on 2009-03-16

Increased version.

14. By murrayc on 2009-01-27

2009-01-24 Deng Xiyue <email address hidden>

* Change license header to mention Lesser General Public License
version 2.1 instead of Library General Public License, to be
consistent with COPYING.

13. By murrayc on 2008-12-12

2008-12-12 Przemysław Grzegorczyk <email address hidden>

* libgnomeui/src/entry.ccg:
* libgnomeui/libgnomeuimm/ui-items-derived.cc:
* libgnomeui/libgnomeuimm/app-helper.cc: Cleaned up gtk includes to use
only toplevel headers.
Bug #564222

12. By murrayc on 2008-12-12

ChangeLog improvement

11. By murrayc on 2008-09-21

Increased version

10. By murrayc on 2008-03-06

Increased version

9. By murrayc on 2008-02-10

Increased version

8. By murrayc on 2008-02-10

2008-02-10 hodoscek <email address hidden>

* libgnomeui/libgnomeuimm/app-helper.cc: Add an include to fix the
build with gcc 4.3 pre-releases.

7. By murrayc on 2008-01-28

Increased version

6. By murrayc on 2008-01-28

2008-01-28 Murray Cumming <email address hidden>

* libgnomeui/src/font-picker.hg: Added a string conversion for the signal,
because this is no longer in the .m4 file installed by glibmm.

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