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Recent revisions

450. By tpm on 2008-05-13

 * src/conn.c: (gnet_conn_unref):
   Don't leak main context ref when one was set.
   Spotted by Kuang-Chun Cheng.

449. By tpm on 2008-04-07

Remove outdated debian directory

448. By tpm on 2008-02-03

 * configure.ac:
 * NEWS:
   Back to trunk.
 * Makefile.am:

447. By tpm on 2008-02-03

 * NEWS:
 * debian/changelog:
   Update for upcoming 2.0.8 release.

446. By tpm on 2008-01-07

 * tests/check/Makefile.am:
 * tests/check/gnet/gnetabi.c:
 * tests/check/gnet/struct_ppc64.h:
 * tests/check/gnet/struct_ppc32.h:
   Include header based on userland ABI, not on kernel/CPU.

445. By tpm on 2008-01-06

 * doc/tmpl/conn.sgml:
   Clarify docs a bit.

444. By tpm on 2008-01-05

 * tests/check/gnet/gnetconnhttp.c: (test_conn_http_post_local):
   Disable SOCKS use for test that connects to server on

443. By tpm on 2008-01-05

 * configure.ac:
   Require check 0.9.4 or later.
 * tests/check/gnetcheck.h: (__gnet_tcase_add_test), (_tcase_add_test):
   Fix up things so that in case of failure the test that failed
   is shown properly (before the variable name 'tf' would get
   stringified instead of the test function name).

442. By tpm on 2008-01-05

 * tests/check/gnetcheck.c: (gnet_check_init):
   Call gnet_socks_set_enabled() if the SOCKS_SERVER environment
   variable is set, so we can run the unit tests through the
   SOCKS implementation too (e.g. in connection with ssh -D).

441. By tpm on 2007-12-18

 * src/uri.c: (gnet_uri_parse), (parse_inplace_munge_string_part),
 * src/uri.h:
   API: add gnet_uri_parse_inplace()
 * tests/check/gnet/gneturi.c:
 * doc/gnet-sections.txt:
 * doc/tmpl/uri.sgml:
   Add unit test and docs for the above.

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