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Recent revisions

923. By daniel

Oops. Fix silly mistake that broke the build.

922. By daniel

Oops. Fix silly mistake that broke the build.

921. By daniel

Rename configure.in to configure.ac

* configure.ac: Rename from configure.in.
* autogen.sh: Fix reference to configure.in.
* MSVC_Net2005/glibmm/Makefile.am: ditto,
* MSVC_Net2005/giomm/Makefile.am: ditto,
* MSVC_Net2008/glibmm/Makefile.am: ditto,
* MSVC_Net2008/giomm/Makefile.am: ditto.

920. By daniel

Use DK_ARG_ENABLE_WARNINGS() to replace custom M4 macro

* scripts/dk-warn.m4: New file defining DK_ARG_ENABLE_WARNINGS().
* scripts/macros.m4: Remove the old GTKMM_ARG_ENABLE_WARNINGS().
* configure.in: Use new macro DK_ARG_ENABLE_WARNINGS() to set the
Makefile variable $(GLIBMM_WXXFLAGS).
* build_shared/Makefile_build.am_fragment (all_includes): Insert
$(GLIBMM_WXXFLAGS). Also move deprecation flags here.
* tools/extra_defs_gen/Makefile.am (INCLUDES): Insert
* demos/Makefile.am (all_includes): ditto,
* demos/gtk-demo/Makefile.am (all_includes): ditto,
* tests/Makefile.am_fragment (INCLUDES): ditto.

919. By daniel

Warning fixes and spring cleaning

* gtk/src/messagedialog.ccg (MessageDialog::set_secondary_text):
Fix nasty security hole discovered by GCC: A non-literal was
used as a varargs format string.
* gtk/src/notebook.ccg: Spring cleaning.
(PageList::find): Fix broken loop end condition discovered by
GCC. Replace the whole thing by std::advance().
* gtk/src/calendar.ccg (SignalProxy_Details_gtk_callback): Remove
model argument name to avoid a warning. Also do a bit of spring

918. By arminb

2009-03-26 Armin Burgmeier <email address hidden>

 * win32_installer/gtkmm-installer.nsi.in: Added GTK+ pixbuf loaders
 to the installer (Damon Register).

917. By daniel

Fix --disable-api-exceptions build

* gtk/src/builder.{ccg,hg}: Conditionalize all exception handling
code in order to fix the build with --disable-api-exceptions.
* gtk/src/printjob.hg: ditto,
* demos/gtk-demo/example_images.cc: ditto,
* demos/gtk-demo/example_treeview_treestore.cc: ditto,

916. By arminb

2009-03-17 Armin Burgmeier <email address hidden>

 * MSVC_Net2005/gtkmm/gtkmm.vcproj:
 * MSVC_Net2008/gtkmm/gtkmm.vcproj: Added activatable.[h|cc] and
 orientable.[h|cc] to the project.

 * win32_installer/gtkmm-vc80-2_4.vsprops:
 * win32_installer/gtkmm-vc80-d-2_4.vsprops: Disable warning 4312,
 since a glib 2.20 header file triggers it, and this clutters the
 compiler output otherwise.

 * win32_installer/README:
 * win32_installer/build-installer:
 * win32_installer/gtkmm-installer.nsi.in:
 * win32_installer/install-msvc-module:
 * win32_installer/Makefile.am:
 * win32_installer/redist_README.txt: Adapt for gtkmm 2.16. Added a
 redist/ folder to the installer which contains optimized and stripped
 binaries, and removed the option to set the PATH environment variable.
 We set it always now as it is required for running built applications.

915. By murrayc

2009-03-17 Murray Cumming <email address hidden>

* gtk/gtkmm/stockid.cc: Implement operator().
* gtk/src/textbuffer.ccg: Actually implement the const get_text(bool)
method. These fix undefined symbol linker errors when people try to use
these methods.

914. By murrayc


2009-03-16 Murray Cumming <email address hidden>

* docs/reference/Makefile.am: Break the html and devhelp install/uninstall
rules up and generally base them on what is now in pangomm, thanks to
Theppitak Karoonboonyanan, to fix the distcheck.

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