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Recent revisions

518. By Ruslan Migirov <email address hidden>

Fix pointer-to-integer casting precision loss in gr-osmosdr

Changed the casting of pointers to `long int` to `reinterpret_cast<std::intptr_t>`
in `source_impl.cc` and `sink_impl.cc`. This resolves the issue of precision
loss when compiling on 64-bit systems, where the size of pointers is 64 bits
and `long int` is typically 32 bits. Using `std::intptr_t` ensures safe
and portable casting across different platforms.
Additionally this fixes build in MSYS2 MinGW64 environment.

517. By Harald Welte <email address hidden>

convert README to markdow; expand/update it slightly

516. By Harald Welte <email address hidden>

The old git:// protocol is long deprecated, use https:// instead

515. By Harald Welte

Add debian packaging information

This allows (among others) to build rtl-sdr nightly packages
for a variety of distributions as part of the network:osmocom:nightly

514. By Carl Laufer <email address hidden>

rtlsdr: detect RTL-SDR Blog V4, set lower tuning limit to 0Mhz

Signed-off-by: Eric Wild <email address hidden>

513. By Hoernchen

fix gain mode caching

As pointed out in https://osmocom.org/issues/5562 and previously
discussed in https://github.com/gqrx-sdr/gqrx/issues/979 the current
cache fails to set 0, because the first map lookup of the key that does
not exist (and is created by accessing it using operator[]) returns 0.

512. By Hoernchen

hackf: remove deprecated register keyword, make c++17 happy

This fixes https://osmocom.org/issues/6004

511. By Eric Wild <email address hidden>

Merge pull request 'Avoid namespace conflicts' (#4) from argilo/gr-osmosdr:freesrp-namespaces into master

Reviewed-on: https://gitea.osmocom.org/sdr/gr-osmosdr/pulls/4

510. By Mike McCarrick <email address hidden>

Add support for RFSpace CloudSDR to gr-osmosdr

Signed-off-by: Eric Wild <email address hidden>

509. By Hoernchen

Re-add mirisdr support

This was originally removed in fe03d837038884bfde2efe63cbf8ead4b846a3c8

There are apparently a bunch of different compatible libmirisdr
libraries which are actually being used that have nothing in common with
the old, unmaintained hack we built this support for.

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