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Recent revisions

2573. By jorgegonz on 2009-04-12

Updated Spanish translation

2572. By dooteo on 2009-03-16

2009-03-16 Inaki Larranaga Murgoitio <email address hidden>

 * eu.po: Updated Basque translation.

2571. By dnylande on 2009-02-19

sv.po: Updated Swedish translation

2570. By mr on 2009-01-27

 * data/glade/chat.glade:
 * data/glade/group-chat.glade:
 * data/glade/main.glade:
 * data/glade/transports.glade: Don't hardcode invisible character
 as "*" in glade files. Fixes bug #524901 (Christian Dywan).

2569. By mr on 2009-01-11

 * libgossip/gossip-account-manager.c:
 * libgossip/gossip-chatroom-manager.c:
 * libgossip/gossip-message.c:
 * src/gossip-theme.c: Use g_date_set_time_t() and return NULL not
 FALSE for a Gossip type pointer. Fixes bug #559657 (Kjartan
 Maraas, Christian Dywan).

2568. By dnylande on 2009-01-03

sv.po: Updated Swedish translation

2567. By jorgegonz on 2009-01-02

Updated Spanish translation

2566. By mr on 2009-01-02

Fixed a warning

2565. By mr on 2008-12-30

 * configure.ac:
 * src/gossip-self-presence.h: Added blurb about
 http://live.gnome.org/GnomeGoals/CleanupGTKIncludes in
 configure.ac and also checked Gossip builds with those CFLAGS.
 Right now it doesn't because of the glade and panel-applet-gconf
 includes which need fixing so it is disabled for now. This fixes
 bug #564368 (Przemys┼éaw Grzegorczyk).

2564. By mr on 2008-12-30

 * configure.ac:
 * libgossip/gossip-ft.c:
 * libgossip/gossip-jabber-ft.c:
 * libgossip/gossip-log.c:
 * src/gossip-accounts-dialog.c:
 * src/gossip-app.c:
 * src/gossip-image-chooser.c:
 * src/gossip-main.c:
 * src/gossip-sound.c:
 * src/gossip-ui-utils.c:
 * src/gossip-vcard-dialog.c: Removed libgnomeui and libgnomevfs
 deps from Gossip. Now we use libcanberra-gtk for Sound support,
 the rest is done with GTK+ and GIO. This patch was provided by
 Christian Dywan and fixes bug #565498.

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