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This branch is an import of the HEAD branch of the Git repository at git://git.gnome.org/gnome-disk-utility.

The import has been suspended because it failed 5 or more times in succession.

Last successful import was on 2017-10-05.

Import started on 2017-10-09 on pear and finished on 2017-10-09 taking 20 seconds — see the log
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Import started on 2017-10-05 on pear and finished on 2017-10-05 taking 20 seconds — see the log

Recent revisions

2373. By Kai Lüke <email address hidden> on 2017-09-29

Keep FS mounted while growing partition

Growing the partition for offline resize caused
a rediscovery in UDisks to led to GVFs automount
which lets the Disks filesystem resize call fail.

A good solution is to keep the filesystem mounted
while growing the partition, as it is done in the
online resize already. This way there will be no
rediscovery and automount, and the filesystem can
be unmounted afterwards to be grown. From this point
there will be no automount coming because the partition
size is not touched anymore.


2372. By Efstathios Iosifidis <email address hidden> on 2017-09-26

Update Greek translation

2371. By Stas Solovey on 2017-09-20

Update Russian translation

(cherry picked from commit 95f06e3d03e25ef41672ed9c9bf781a446845fb1)

2370. By Kukuh Syafaat <email address hidden> on 2017-09-19

Update Indonesian translation

2369. By Piotr Drąg on 2017-09-18

Spruce up typography in new translatable strings

See https://developer.gnome.org/hig/stable/typography.html

2368. By Marek Cernocky <email address hidden> on 2017-09-18

Updated Czech translation

2367. By Kai Lüke <email address hidden> on 2017-09-18

Fix typo


2366. By Kai Lüke <email address hidden> on 2017-09-18

Redesign Format Dialog

Since the format dialog used hiding of widgets it was
sometimes jumping around. The appearance of the passphrase
entries were bound to a special LUKS+Ext4 mixed entry
within a combo box. Also that apporach does not scale well
if other filesystems should be listed for encryption.

The dialog is redesinged and implemented with several pages,
and thus adaptive to the needs of adding partitions, a new
custom filesystem list and encryption, step for step.
The default FS choices are still kept and shown via radio
buttons on the format page.


2365. By Kai Lüke <email address hidden> on 2017-09-18

Show mount options for swap volumes

The mount option dialog for editing /etc/fstab was
only shown for swap volumes if they were already
present in /etc/fstab.

Now the mount options are always accessible for
swap volumes. Their mount point is fixed to 'none'
because that is the only valid option, opts default
to 'sw' and type to swap. The irrelevant options
are insensitive.


2364. By Kai Lüke <email address hidden> on 2017-09-18

Fix SIGSEGV in gdu_utils_get_all_contained_objects

The variable block_object was used as argument without
testing whether it is NULL.

The depending code after assignment is now guarded with
a if-block.


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