Last commit made on 2017-04-16
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git clone -b gcmd-1-4 https://git.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/gnome-commander/+git/gnome-commander

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168abe8... by Uwe Scholz <email address hidden>

Adds branch gcmd-1-6 and gcmd-1-4 in Travis build config

23767b1... by Uwe Scholz <email address hidden>

Removes gcc warning about variable shadowing

1ab3330... by Uwe Scholz <email address hidden>

Adds Travis config and Dockerfile for gcmd-1-4 branch

719da2a... by Marv-CZ

Updated Czech translation

b067c8e... by Uwe Scholz <email address hidden>

Updated NEWS and releases.xml

ce02f23... by Mario Blättermann

Updated German translation

cce714f... by Мирослав Николић

Updated Serbian translation

6dfd2e9... by Jobava

Updated Romanian translation

5e1d7da... by Piotr Drąg

Add Language headers to po files

Future versions of gettext will fail if this header is missing.

b8ca688... by Daniel Mustieles

Updated Spanish translation