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Recent revisions

8425. By Ray Strode <email address hidden>

launch-environment: don't name greeter log $display-greeter.log with user displays

If the X server is started as part of the session, we don't know the
display up front. So don't try to encode the display in the log in that

8424. By Ray Strode <email address hidden>

xdmcp-display-factory: more signal prototype fixing

commit 2a3d5a7c402534c3611956fed930394a51cb00c5 attempted to fix
the signal prototype of on_client_disconnected to match the marshalled
arguments. Unfortunately, the handler is used for two different

1) when a user chooses "Disconnect" from the chooser menu
2) when a user closes the Xephyr window (or turns off the thin client
or whatever)

The signals have slightly different prototypes, so commit 2a3d5a7c
fixed 2), but broke 1).

This commit massages the signal connections and handler signature to
work for both cases.

8423. By Ray Strode <email address hidden>

gdm-sessions: force a session bus for non-seat0 session

Eventually, our software should become "multi-seat aware",
where it takes into account multiple seats at a time
for the user (even if it's just putting up a dialog saying
"user is busy" on all but one seat).

We're not there yet. And user bus currently breaks XDMCP
(which should really spawn session with its own separate user,
 but again, we're not there yet).

This commit changes GDM to start a session bus for all non-seat0
displays, as a near-term workaround.

8422. By Ray Strode <email address hidden>

session-worker: only jump to VT on seat0

seat0 is the only seat that supports VTs, so don't ever try to
change VTs if not on seat0.

8421. By Matej Urbančič

Updated Slovenian translation

8420. By Ray Strode <email address hidden>

daemon,libgdm: allow wayland sessions with --disable-user-display-server

Right now we hide wayland sessions from the list if the greeter isn't
wayland. The greeter is never wayland if built with

This commit allows wayland sessions for the user session, when
--disable-user-display-server --enable-wayland-support is specified,
even though the greeter won't use wayland itself.

8419. By Stas Solovey

Update Russian translation

8418. By Mario Sánchez Prada

gdm-session: always pass down user saved language

There's a bug when changing the language of the login screen to a different
one than the user session's language, which causes the new language to be
used both in the login screen AND the user session if you simply logout and
then re-login without rebooting. Restarting the machine after that point
normalizes things, getting the new language used only in the login screen
but not in the user session.

Making sure that the user language is always saved by the session seems
without checking whether is the same than the default language fixes this.

Based on a patch by Felipe Erias Morandeira <email address hidden>

8417. By Frédéric Crozat

daemon: check for Xwayland availability

prevent gnome-shell crash when testing Wayland session
if Xwayland isn't installed.

8416. By Efstathios Iosifidis

Update Greek translation

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