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This branch is an import of the CVS module gaim from :pserver:anonymous@gaim.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/gaim.

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13642. By rlaager

I forgot to save the file after I removed the XXX comment.

13641. By rlaager

A patch from Bj��rn Voigt to implement an error notification when a user search fails.

13640. By rlaager

Patch from Bj��rn Voigt on gaim-i18n to translate the search instructions that come from the Jabber server. He's provided the string for users.jabber.org, the most common case.

This technique is a bit of a hack, but it seems like the best option we've got at the moment. I said I'd commit this as long as nobody objected.

Also, there's a fix here in case xmlnode_get_data(instnode) returns NULL.

13639. By rlaager

Use g_utf8_normalize() directly instead of calling gaim_normalize(). This makes it more clear what's happening, and also avoids a copy to a buffer.

13638. By thekingant

Use a GList instead of creation one ourselves

13637. By thekingant

Remove an unused function, flap_connection_clone()

13636. By thekingant

Inline FlapConnection->inside and change some functions to return
void instead of a meaningless int

13635. By thekingant

Disconnect the account with a decent error message when there are
problems with an oscar FLAP connection. This needed to be added
after I removed it when rewriting things for non-blocking I/O.

13634. By thekingant

Get rid of an error message when sending or recieving a file. It was
something along the lines of "can not call g_source_remove on < 0"
and was happening because I was calling gaim_input_remove() twice.

13633. By thekingant

Change a few functions to return gboolean instead of int

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