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Import Status: Failed

This branch is an import of the CVS module fixedpoint from :pserver:anonymous@fixedpoint.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/fixedpoint.

The import has been suspended because it failed 5 or more times in succession.

Last successful import was on 2018-02-13.

Import started on 2018-02-21 on pear and finished on 2018-02-21 taking 15 seconds — see the log
Import started on 2018-02-17 on pear and finished on 2018-02-17 taking 10 seconds — see the log
Import started on 2018-02-15 on russkaya and finished on 2018-02-15 taking 20 seconds — see the log
Import started on 2018-02-14 on pear and finished on 2018-02-14 taking 10 seconds — see the log

Recent revisions

24. By dougfort on 2002-09-24

Filler changeset 1.1->

23. By dougfort on 2002-11-12

update for release 0.1.2

22. By dougfort on 2002-10-20

Added a try block to test for the validity of 'object'. In case of name error, generate a dummy 'object' class.

21. By dougfort on 2002-10-20

Cleaned up for tabnanny

20. By dougfort on 2002-10-19

Cleaned up unit tests. Use the actual value of self.n for asserts instead of casting to float; because float could be different on different compilers.

19. By jgriffin716 on 2002-10-15

Fixed problem introducted in last set of changes. Removed additional arg to divmod() call.

18. By jgriffin716 on 2002-10-15

Modified calls to _mkFP() and _norm() to include type(self). Fixes issues with subclassing.

17. By dougfort on 2002-10-11

This is the readme used for release 0.1.1

16. By dougfort on 2002-10-10

Bugfix release: correct the 'add half and chop' function, change from static member to regualr member.

15. By jgriffin716 on 2002-10-10

Update documentationto reflect changes to class rounding algorithm and to include Tim Peters' comments on the rounding algorithm.

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