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requires support for nested trees
See Bug #402814

Recent revisions

1863. By James Youngman on 2011-05-28

Savannah bug #31424: Revert Interix-specific change.

Gnulib will use suacomp for solving this problem, so findutils
will not need a workaround here.
* lib/arg-max.h: Delete this file.
* lib/Makefile.am (libfind_a_SOURCES): Remove arg-max.h.
* lib/buildcmd.c: Don't include arg-max.h.
* xargs/xargs.c: Likewise.

1862. By James Youngman on 2011-05-24

Fix Savannah bug #33384.

* locate/updatedb.sh: Don't reset $PATH, because the hard-coded
value we were using isn't guaranteed to contain all the utilities
(for example rm, chmod and so on) we would like to use.
* NEWS: Mention this bugfix.

1861. By James Youngman on 2011-05-23

Don't assume that "echo" lives in /bin.

* xargs/xargs.c (main): Change default_cmd from "/bin/echo" (which
may not be present on some POSIX systems) to "echo" (which must
exist somewhere on $PATH on any POSIX system).
* doc/find.texi (Multiple Files): document this.
* NEWS: Describe this change.
* xargs/testsuite/xargs.sysv/empty_def-t.xe: Change /bin/echo to
* xargs/testsuite/xargs.gnu/n2-s26-x-0.exp: Change -s26 to -s21 to
keep the expected test result the same. Rename the test to
reflect the updated arguments.
* xargs/testsuite/xargs.gnu/n2-s26-x-0.xo: Rename to
* xargs/testsuite/xargs.gnu/n2-s26-0.exp: Rename to n2-s21-0.exp,
update -s argument.
* xargs/testsuite/xargs.posix/s30.exp: Rename to s25.exp, update -s.
* xargs/testsuite/xargs.posix/s30.xo: Rename to s25.xo.
* xargs/testsuite/xargs.gnu/s30-0.exp: Rename to s25-0.exp, update
-s argument.
* xargs/testsuite/xargs.gnu/s30-0.xo: Rename to s25-0.xo.
* xargs/testsuite/xargs.sysv/s30-t.exp: Rename to s25-t.exp,
update -s.
* xargs/testsuite/xargs.sysv/s30-t.xo: Rename to s25-t.xo.
* xargs/testsuite/xargs.sysv/s30-t.xe: Rename to s25-t.xe, change
/bin/echo to just echo.
* xargs/testsuite/xargs.posix/s47.exp: Rename to s42.exp, update -s.
* xargs/testsuite/xargs.posix/s47.xo: Rename to s42.xo.
* xargs/testsuite/xargs.gnu/n3-s36-0.exp: Rename to n3-s31-0.exp,
update -s.
* xargs/testsuite/xargs.gnu/n3-s36-0.xo: Rename to n3-s31-0.xo.
* xargs/testsuite/xargs.gnu/s20-0.exp: Rename to s15-0.exp, update
* xargs/testsuite/xargs.gnu/s20-0.xo: Rename to s15-0.xo.
* xargs/testsuite/xargs.posix/n2-s26.exp: Rename to n2-s21.exp,
update -s.
* xargs/testsuite/xargs.posix/n2-s26.xo: Rename to n2-s21.xo.
* xargs/testsuite/xargs.gnu/s19-0.exp: Rename to s14-0.exp, update
* xargs/testsuite/xargs.gnu/s19-0.xo: Rename to s14-0.xo.
* xargs/testsuite/xargs.gnu/s19_2-0.exp: Rename to s14_2-0.exp,
update -s.
* xargs/testsuite/xargs.gnu/s19_2-0.xo: Rename to s14_2-0.xo.
* xargs/testsuite/xargs.posix/n3-s36.exp: Rename to n3-s31.exp,
update -s.
* xargs/testsuite/xargs.posix/n3-s36.xo: Rename to n3-s31.xo.
* xargs/testsuite/xargs.posix/s19.exp: Rename to s14.exp, update
* xargs/testsuite/xargs.posix/s19.xo: Rename to s14.xo.
* xargs/testsuite/xargs.posix/s19_2.exp: Rename to s14_2.exp,
update -s.
* xargs/testsuite/xargs.posix/s19_2.xo: Rename to s14_2.xo.
* xargs/testsuite/xargs.posix/s20.exp: Rename to s15.exp,
update -s.
* xargs/testsuite/xargs.posix/s20.xo: Rename to s15.xo.
* xargs/testsuite/Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST_XO): Update names.
(EXTRA_DIST_EXP): Likewise.

1860. By James Youngman on 2011-05-17

Document ftsfind/oldfind and configure options.

* doc/find.texi (Configuration): New section documenting the
important configuration options that can be passed to configure,
including --without-fts.
* find/find.1 (BINARIES): New section explaining why two binaries
are installed.
* find/oldfind.1: New manual page explaining how 'oldfind' is
different to 'find'.
* find/ftsfind.1: New manual page explaining how 'ftsfind' is
different to 'find'.
* find/Makefile.am (man_MANS): As well as find.1, install one of
ftsfind.1 or oldfind.1, depending on whether --without-fts was
specified to configure.
* NEWS: Mention this change.

1859. By James Youngman on 2011-05-15

Add lib/fdleak.c to translatable files.

* po/POTFILES.in: Add lib/fdleak.c.

1858. By James Youngman on 2011-05-15

Fix Savannah bug #18227 (-ls doesn't print device major/minor).

* lib/listfile.c (list_file): check HAVE_STRUCT_STAT_ST_RDEV
instead of HAVE_ST_RDEV, fixing this bug. HAVE_ST_RDEV was
defined by the obsolete Autoconf macro AC_STRUCT_ST_RDEV, but
findutils hasn't actually called AC_STRUCT_ST_RDEV since Apr 5
* NEWS: Mention this bugfix.

1857. By James Youngman on 2011-05-15

#29698: Correct and clarify documentation of xargs -d option

* xargs/xargs.1: Update documentation for -d option to more
clearly distinguish the treatment of backslashes in the input and
the treatment of backslashes in the argument to -d.
* NEWS: Mention this bugfix.

1856. By James Youngman on 2011-05-15

Implement xargs --process-slot-var.

* xargs/xargs.c (set_slot_var): New function; sets an environment
variable to the index of the entry in pids[] that represents the
relevant child process. This can be used in rudimentary load
distribution systems.
(slot_var_name): the name of the variable to use (selected by
(enum LongOptionIdentifier): Unique identifiers for long options
with no short option equivalent (--process-slot-var is the first).
(longopts): Add --process-slot-var.
(add_proc): return the index within pids[] that we selected.
(main): Pass &option_index to getopt_long (option_index is a new
variable) in order to identify which long option was passed.
Handle --process-slot-var.
(prep_child_for_exec): Call set_slot_var.
(usage): Mention --process-slot-var.
* doc/find.texi (xargs options): Document --process-slot-var.
* xargs/xargs.1: Likewise.
* NEWS: Mention this change.

Signed-off-by: James Youngman <email address hidden>

1855. By James Youngman on 2011-05-15

Describe xargs options in alphabetical order.

* xargs/xargs.1: Re-order the options to place them in
alphabetical order.
* xargs/xargs.c (usage): Describe the options in alphabeitcal
* NEWS: Mention this change.

1854. By James Youngman on 2011-05-14

Fix bug #14386: updatedb relies on mktemp, which is not portable.

* locate/updatedb.sh (make_tempdir): new function, works around
the possible absence of mktemp. We now create the file list and
the bigrams file in a temporary directory. Also add some quoting
for a few shell variables. Update the copyright years.
* locate/testsuite/locate.gnu/oldformat.exp: Add a test case which
uses the old database format, in order to exercise our mktemp
* locate/testsuite/Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST_EXP): Ship this new
* locate/testsuite/locate.gnu/oldformat.xo: The expected output
for the new test.
* locate/testsuite/Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST_XO): Ship this new
* NEWS: Mention this bugfix.

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