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Last successful import was on 2010-09-07.

Import started on 2011-01-19 on neumayer and finished on 2011-01-19 taking 3 minutes — see the log
Import started on 2010-09-11 on pear and finished on 2010-09-11 taking 30 seconds — see the log
Import started on 2010-09-09 on neumayer and finished on 2010-09-09 taking 3 minutes — see the log
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20100831 rexbron This branch needs to be deprecated in favour of a newer import.
20100904 maxb Why?
20110119 siretart FFmpeg has moved to git. Please import from git://git.ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg.git and drop the old branch
20110120 maxb This import is now failing due to cscvs inadequacies dealing with character sets; however, ffmpeg has now moved to Git anyway.

Recent revisions

24840. By stefano on 2010-09-07

Amend documention for the option -prefix.

24839. By stefano on 2010-09-07

Prefer "foo" over ``foo'' in the ffprobe docs.

24838. By jbr on 2010-09-06

Read the number of channels from the 'dac3' tag for AC-3 in MP4.

24837. By stefano on 2010-09-06

Make av_fill_image_max_pixsteps() non static non inline.

24836. By reimar on 2010-09-06

Fix slice height for y position calculation for vp3_draw_horiz_band
when the video uses 4:2:2 instead of 4:2:0 coding.

24835. By reimar on 2010-09-06

Fix vp3_draw_horiz_band to not produce completely chaotical values
that result in overdrawing areas again and again if s->flipped_image
is false.

24834. By reimar on 2010-09-06

VP3/Theora: validate aspect and reduce it before exporting it
via the context.

24833. By reimar on 2010-09-06

Add a special function to mkv demxuer to parse length values that includes
special-case code to handle all possible encodings of "unknown length".

24832. By jbr on 2010-09-06

Add my GPG fingerprint.

24831. By stefano on 2010-09-06

Sort AV_CPU_FLAG* by value.

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