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Recent revisions

6812. By Bastien Nocera

comics: Fix mime-type comparisons

The comics backend was using string equality to match mime-types. This
doesn't work when the mime-type has changed, and the old name is now
simply an alias. Use g_content_type_is_a() instead.


6811. By Bastien Nocera

comics: Add application/vnd.comicbook+zip support

application/vnd.comicbook+zip is the new mime-type for ".cbz" files.
Other mime-types are still available as aliases of that type.


6810. By GNOME Translation Robot <email address hidden>

Updated Scottish Gaelic translation

6809. By Tom Tryfonidis <email address hidden>

Updated Greek translation

6808. By Ask Hjorth Larsen

Updated Danish translation

6807. By Jose Aliste <email address hidden>

libview: Do not create annotation window twice.

Currently, in button_release_event we always create the annotation window. Since
there is a chance that draw event will show the annotation windows (and in that
case creates annotation windows if they don't exist) then the annotation window
will be created twice. This causes a leak because we only destroy one of these windows...
and also when removing annotations with the window open we don't destroy the window
(we destroy a window which is already hidden).

The solution here is to check in button_release wether a window has been already created
for the annotation, and only if not, create the new annotation window.


6806. By Fran DiƩguez

Updated Galician translations

6805. By Anders Jonsson

Updated Swedish translation

6804. By lantw44

browser-plugin: Replace gdkwayland.h include with gdk.h

GDK_WINDOWING_WAYLAND macro is defined in gdkconfig.h, not gdkwayland.h,
so including gdk.h is sufficient. This also fixes build on systems not
supporting Wayland.


6803. By Carlos Garcia Campos

Revert "browser-plugin: Replace gdkwayland.h include with gdk.h"

This reverts commit bf7a4fcdf6211e11d94dfe9fed82113d92e24eb7.

It broke the build in gnome continuous.

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