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Django Modified Preorder Tree Traversal (MPTT)

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Recent revisions

102. By jonathan.buchanan on 2009-07-01

empty_label is no longer ignored if provided for a required TreeNodeChoiceField

101. By jonathan.buchanan on 2009-07-01

TreeNodeChoiceField now only sets empty_label to None if the field is not required.

100. By jonathan.buchanan on 2008-10-13

Removed items from mptt.tests.testcases which work fine as doctests

99. By jonathan.buchanan on 2008-10-13

Implemented mptt.tests.testcases.ReparentingTestCase

98. By jonathan.buchanan on 2008-10-13

Fixed issue 23 - calling delete() on a tree node now only performs tree management once, as expected; includes an in-progress refactor of the tests which includes a regression test for this issue. Thanks to mara.dragan and jeroen.vloothuis for testcases and patches which demonstrated the issue and an idea for a fix.

97. By jonathan.buchanan on 2008-10-12

Brought CHANGELOG up to date

96. By jonathan.buchanan on 2008-10-12

Minor documentation tweaks for Django 1.0

95. By jonathan.buchanan on 2008-10-12

Extracted TreeNodeChoiceField and TreeNodePositionField classes from MoveNodeForm, which now uses them

94. By jonathan.buchanan on 2008-10-12

Converted method list items into subheadings for easier browsing; fixed Django documentation URL; removed now-obsolete note about fixtures

93. By jonathan.buchanan on 2008-09-04

Newforms is dead, long live forms.

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