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Recent revisions

1801. By 93sam on 2011-10-18

allow one run to update all three files

1800. By 93sam on 2011-10-18

Add grab_cdimage_bugs, a helper script.

Grab bug information from the Debian BTS via SOAP, and update the
HEADER.html pages on cdimage.debian.org using that information

1799. By 93sam on 2011-10-15

Stop shipping debian/CONF.sh, use CONF.sh instead

1798. By 93sam on 2011-08-18

Fall back to old Xen config if needed

1797. By 93sam on 2011-08-16

Rename "xm-debian.cfg" to just "debian.cfg" for Xen config.

1796. By 93sam on 2011-08-14

Fix "expert" mode in yaboot for powerpc. Closes: #636265. Thanks to
Milan Kupcevic for the patch.

1795. By joeyh on 2011-08-06

Read tasksel's debian-tasks.desc from its new location.

Falls back to old location so update_tasks can still be used with old

This does not deal with most of the task information being removed from
debian-tasks.desc. The file still has Key fields, that now list the task-*
packages, and the packages Depend on the crucial packages for the task.
So to that extent it should continue to work.

However, with NORECOMMENDS set, the Recommended other packages for tasks
won't be included on CD. This still needs to be dealt with, probably by
adding all packages listed in Recommends of task-* packages to the
generated task list files.

1794. By 93sam on 2011-08-05

Add zfsutils into the generate_d-i+k_list for kfreebsd users.

1793. By 93sam on 2011-07-18

Fix calls to which_deb, not on the path

1792. By 93sam on 2011-07-08

* Switch i386 kernel flavours again on advice from Ben:
  + Removed all mention of 686-bigmem as it's now gone
  + Moved 686 to interesting-fromcd23
  + Added 686-pae onto CD#1 in place of 686
  + Leave the 486 kernel on CD#1 still, for people who can't use 686-pae

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