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Import Status: Failed

This branch is an import of the CVS module cricket from :pserver:anonymous@cricket.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/cricket.

The import has been suspended because it failed 5 or more times in succession.

Last successful import was on 2018-02-13.

Import started on 2018-02-21 on pear and finished on 2018-02-21 taking 15 seconds — see the log
Import started on 2018-02-17 on pear and finished on 2018-02-17 taking 15 seconds — see the log
Import started on 2018-02-15 on pear and finished on 2018-02-15 taking 10 seconds — see the log
Import started on 2018-02-14 on pear and finished on 2018-02-14 taking 10 seconds — see the log

Recent revisions

440. By zcougar on 2014-01-09

Bug fix for typo in variable name

439. By szynaka on 2009-06-30

Corrected time display escaping

438. By szynaka on 2009-06-16

Fixed default color order in sample-config
Fixes Bug: 1963109

437. By szynaka on 2009-06-16

Add option to list available views when displaying a target
Completes Patch: 2020668

436. By szynaka on 2009-06-16

Format addition for x86_64 linux machines
Completes Patch: 1572876

435. By cmadams on 2008-07-17

Updates to remove mod_perl warnings (requires perl 5.6 now)

434. By cmadams on 2008-07-17

Update ix86 and x86_64 support

433. By xkilian on 2007-02-12

Removed all processing of white space processing in split operations for monitor threshold string parsing. As this is being done globally at the start of the Threholds processsing loop.

432. By xkilian on 2007-02-12

Do white space processing on delimiters in $Threshold string before doing argument processing.
This will simplify the regex pattern matches in later code blocks.

431. By xkilian on 2007-02-12

Relocated escaping colons code to before meta ACTION processing for monitor arguments. has no impact on functionality. Making code more consistent.

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