Last commit made on 2023-06-02
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f78e7e3... by Billy Olsen <email address hidden>

Merge pull request #785 from freyes/service-token-zed

2cf2349... by Felipe Reyes

Pin tox<4.0

f1fe6d2... by Jorge Merlino

Add service token parameters to last authtoken template

Copy parameters added in pull request #740 to the newest
keystone-authtoken template.

(cherry picked from commit 23d838bc55c842ea27ba29f4b1097b2ec9469fca)

cd5269e... by Jorge Merlino

Fix test

(cherry picked from commit c7cc5db9e4acd4dd66282bd4303f59db9ef8e9c6)

7a8e602... by Jorge Merlino

Add test for this feature

(cherry picked from commit e43008d7671433e44e27c58312292d8fb504fc59)

7574630... by Jorge Merlino

Fix test

(cherry picked from commit 0798a59e8d8215bd576c978e0886eee4243f687e)

c4443ba... by Jorge Merlino

Fix tests

(cherry picked from commit 4090532d1194d215cf5b065c1c108072652b8cfe)

18fa4b5... by Jorge Merlino

Fixes for service tokens

* Make admin role configurable
* Move keystone_authtoken configuration from mitaka version to base
* Sync service_user config with keystone_authtoken for the base version

(cherry picked from commit 7bcb1942ad11aafa307d5872d7b36a7bd7908288)

Conflicts Resolved:

f123096... by Jorge Merlino

Add configuration for use of service tokens

Add a new template to configure the service_user ini file section and
also add two needed parameters in keystone_authtoken configuration

(cherry picked from commit f8c8861b4f0cb2181792013f9a973b3924a1e831)

b2a2f14... by Felipe Reyes

Update Makefile to be consistent with CI (#777) (#796)

Also remove python3.5 from the CI build,
because that is no longer supported in charm-helpers,
and use a supported runs-on ubuntu version for github CI.

(cherry picked from commit 59f134b7d8b0b918ac71cbac8aa641e21babbdee)

Co-authored-by: Samuel Walladge <email address hidden>