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be9f3f6... by Felipe Reyes

Merge pull request #747 from ajkavanagh/bug/fix-app-data-identity-context-zed

backport: IndentityServiceContext app data fixes

aa68f03... by Alex Kavanagh

Remove the commented out code.

3faf38d... by Alex Kavanagh

IndentityServiceContext app data fixes

The IdentityServiceContext was recently updated to add the application
data bag. Unfortunately, they keystone charm uses *both* the regular
relation data primarily, but the updates for endpoints are on both the
application database and the regular relation data. The
IdentityServiceContext used the app data bag exclusively if there were
any keys available, which leads to it ignoring the existing relation
data entirely; this results in 'identity relation not ready' with
missing data items.

This patch changes the functionality of the IdentityServiceContext so
that it preferentially selects keys from the application data bag
*unless* they are None, in which case it tries for those keys on the
existing relation data. e.g. it will stitch the two relations together
with the app data bag taking priority. This allows the (e.g.)
nova-cloud-controller charm to correctly access the identity relation
data and form a complete context.

4f884fa... by Martin Kalcok <email address hidden>

Add to_yaml() method to OVNClusterStatus (#741)

* Add to_yaml() method to OVNClusterStatus

* Improve docstrings return type annotation.

5302e0e... by James Page

Merge pull request #738 from fnordahl/ovn-uca

Add support for OVN UCA pocket

982319b... by Frode Nordahl

Add support for OVN UCA pocket

The OVN UCA pocket will be used as an overlay repository in
addition to any regular UCA pocket and the charms are expected
to expose configuration of it as a separate source configuration

Add pocket names and allow for writing any OVN UCA configuration
to a separate sources.list.d file.

4137a3d... by James Page

openstack: identity-service forwards compat (#730)

* openstack: identity-service forwards compat

The new Keystone K8S operator exclusively uses the Application
data bag to provide endpoint information and credentials to
consuming services.

Check for the presence of data in the App data bag and use this
in preference to per-unit data as presented by the Keystone
machine charm.

This also requires some remapping and manipulation to massage
the new application data bag keys into the existing ctxt dict
used in templates.

* Test with app and unit data to ensure app data is preferred

28f26b7... by Dmitrii Shcherbakov <email address hidden>

Merge pull request #731 from fnordahl/bug/1989192

ovsdb: Add support for retrieving single record

9732835... by Frode Nordahl

ovsdb: Consistency list manipulation, += vs extend/append

5195b15... by Frode Nordahl

ovsdb: Add support for retrieving single record

At present the SimpleOVSDB allows you to find records.

The `find` command does however not allow you to match on a
records UUID.

Add API for retrieval of a specific record by subscripting the
SimpleOVSDB Table class.