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989eafc... by Felipe Reyes

ns_query: capture NoNameservers exception. (#698) (#761)

When all the servers configured in the system failed to answer the query
the exception `dns.resolver.NoNameservers` is raised while NXDOMAIN is
only for when the name was not found.

(cherry picked from commit 91ee22fbe3c6fbe8b3b2b60371b43ad0a3c67f92)

48b1f37... by Jorge Merlino <email address hidden>

Support HAproxy https health checks (#662) (#727)

This change adds the option of running HTTPS health checks. It is
proposed in the context of LP: #1946280 where the backend radosgw server
can be configured to run in https mode.
We disable certificate verification because we are only interested in
the health of the service.

Related ceph-radosgw change:

Co-authored-by: Cornellius Metto <email address hidden>

(cherry-pick of c0c9bedb9cf7b4eee43568d4bc7876048c3fbd1a from #662)

dce5a13... by James Page

Merge pull request #706 from dosaboy/bug/1965967-xena

Add service_type to keystone-authtoken section (#687)

a7a04cc... by Edward Hope-Morley

Add service_type to keystone-authtoken section (#687)

Related-Bug: #1965967
(cherry picked from commit 0cf935879e675a54269567458e1e928ea86a4c64)

d2b093b... by Billy Olsen <email address hidden>

Merge pull request #692 from nobuto-m/stable/xena

Ease KeepAliveTimeout in line with keystoneauth1.session.Session

b168b8e... by Nobuto Murata

Ease KeepAliveTimeout in line with keystoneauth1.session.Session

Apache2's default value for KeepAliveTimeout is 5 seconds, which is okay
for general web-page serving use cases. However, sessions and connection
pools created by keystoneauth1.session.Session can be terminated
unnecessarily during multiple API calls in a session due to the short

Let's ease KeepAliveTimeout to 75 seconds, which is fairly standard for
API services behind a reverse proxy since it's the default value of

Closes-Bug: #1947010
(cherry picked from commit 9a5bf40790080362cf340692b8992f31a6750cda)

63229d2... by Alex Kavanagh <email address hidden>

Remove tempita as it doesn't seem to be required anymore (#679)

Cherry-pick from #674

b332795... by Aurelien Lourot

Merge pull request #660 from ajkavanagh/stable/21.10

Fix get_mon_map() for octopus and later

4fd5aab... by Alex Kavanagh

Fix get_mon_map() for octopus and later

The "ceph mon_status" command seems to have disappeared on octopus and
later, and is replaced by "ceph quorum_status". This changes the
get_mon_map() function to detect the underlying ceph version and do the
right thing.

Cherry-picked from: 1cf0226b

26efcd0... by Brett <email address hidden>

Added watermark_scale_factor tuning (#609)

* Added watermark_scale_factor tuning

Adds a method for determining an appropriate vm.watermark_scale_factor
value for baremetal systems.

Implements: spec memory-fragmentation-tuning

* WIP: Added watermark_scale_factor tuning

- improving tests
- implemented suggested changes

* Changes based on feedback

* Working tests

* pep8 fixes

* py2.7 fixes

* py2.7 fixes

* watermark as const

* Reuse get_total_ram from

Removed get_memtotal implementation and tests

* const WMARK_MAX

Co-authored-by: Brett Milford <email address hidden>