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41f01b7... by Felipe Reyes

ns_query: capture NoNameservers exception. (#698) (#762)

When all the servers configured in the system failed to answer the query
the exception `dns.resolver.NoNameservers` is raised while NXDOMAIN is
only for when the name was not found.

(cherry picked from commit 91ee22fbe3c6fbe8b3b2b60371b43ad0a3c67f92)

adde0d3... by Jorge Merlino <email address hidden>

Support HAproxy https health checks (#662) (#742)

This change adds the option of running HTTPS health checks. It is
proposed in the context of LP: #1946280 where the backend radosgw server
can be configured to run in https mode.
We disable certificate verification because we are only interested in
the health of the service.

Cherry-pick of c0c9bed

2299c59... by James Page

Merge pull request #707 from dosaboy/bug/1965967-wallaby

Add service_type to keystone-authtoken section (#687)

b98fab5... by Edward Hope-Morley

Add service_type to keystone-authtoken section (#687)

Related-Bug: #1965967
(cherry picked from commit 0cf935879e675a54269567458e1e928ea86a4c64)
(cherry picked from commit a7a04cc0d62ccafeb4de869ee3a6c1ddbcda84ba)

f8f822d... by Billy Olsen <email address hidden>

Merge pull request #693 from nobuto-m/stable/wallaby

Ease KeepAliveTimeout in line with keystoneauth1.session.Session

386533f... by Nobuto Murata

Ease KeepAliveTimeout in line with keystoneauth1.session.Session

Apache2's default value for KeepAliveTimeout is 5 seconds, which is okay
for general web-page serving use cases. However, sessions and connection
pools created by keystoneauth1.session.Session can be terminated
unnecessarily during multiple API calls in a session due to the short

Let's ease KeepAliveTimeout to 75 seconds, which is fairly standard for
API services behind a reverse proxy since it's the default value of

Closes-Bug: #1947010
(cherry picked from commit 9a5bf40790080362cf340692b8992f31a6750cda)

7ff23e2... by Aurelien Lourot

Make ows_check_services_running() public (#658)

(cherry picked from commit f46d355efe7af3f360ce3d0c2b56bd938665659a)

fedae79... by Alex Kavanagh <email address hidden>

Remove tempita as it doesn't seem to be required anymore (#680)

Cherry-pick from #674.

b332795... by Aurelien Lourot

Merge pull request #660 from ajkavanagh/stable/21.10

Fix get_mon_map() for octopus and later

4fd5aab... by Alex Kavanagh

Fix get_mon_map() for octopus and later

The "ceph mon_status" command seems to have disappeared on octopus and
later, and is replaced by "ceph quorum_status". This changes the
get_mon_map() function to detect the underlying ceph version and do the
right thing.

Cherry-picked from: 1cf0226b