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33b480e... by Hua Zhang

cherry-pick the fix for lp bug 2021550 to ussuri branch (#849)

* Allow users to disable wsgi socket rotation (#801)

The lp bug 1863232 introduced a new configuration option called
WSGISocketRotation which allows users to disable socket rotation on the apache
side. This patch will also allow setting this option on the charm side.

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Partial-Bug: 2021550
(cherry picked from commit 996f2410632b44a7dc207cc4bbfc1a38c83140a8)
Signed-off-by: zhhuabj <email address hidden>

* Rename wsgi-rotation to wsgi-socket-rotation

Commit 996f241 added support for new config option
'wsgi-rotation' but that name should have been
'wsgi-socket-rotation' in order to have a 1:1 relation
with the apache config it changes. The following patches
that implement this config are currently blocked until
this lands so that they can be synced before merge:


Related-Bug: #2021550
(cherry picked from commit 1a90eb03052102a2e8d906262f97e7f3ff87fcdc)
Signed-off-by: zhhuabj <email address hidden>


Signed-off-by: zhhuabj <email address hidden>
Co-authored-by: Edward Hope-Morley <email address hidden>

2056cba... by Alex Kavanagh <email address hidden>

Merge pull request #836 from freyes/bug/1927277-ussuri

Add function for retrieving subordinate services (#643)

2949d08... by Felipe Reyes

pep8: use isinstance()

(cherry picked from commit 984808b3af69753df4f38844da69abe5f6a1a698)

e598c69... by Aurelien Lourot

Add function for retrieving subordinate services (#643)
(cherry picked from commit 5ed3500dc9797523c77aa57fa18ba81d091878f4)

14d78df... by James Page

Merge pull request #831 from juju/bug/2028683/stable/ussuri

[stable/ussuri] Ensure get_requests_for_local_unit doesn't fail on incomplete relation (#824)

b5b82cf... by Alex Kavanagh <email address hidden>

[stable/ussuri] Ensure get_requests_for_local_unit doesn't fail on incomplete relation (#824)

If the certificates relation has been set from a consuming charm for
certificates, but the provider hasn't supplied a certificate, and the
request is in the 'legacy' form, then the get_request_for_local_unit()
function in cert_utils fails on accessing the (non-existant) 'ca'
parameter in the databag. This patch ensures that if the 'ca' key is
missing that the processing moves on to the next relation.

(cherry-picked from: c8f47207c1f1652ab2cbecaaad8a83b66f004e5e)
Closes LP#2028683

2c31907... by Billy Olsen <email address hidden>

Merge pull request #820 from coreycb/ussuri-use-service-domain

[stable/ussuri] Use service_domain in [service_user] section

cc98516... by Corey Bryant

Use service_domain in [service_user] section

The keystone charm currently creates two service users, one for the
service domain (for v3 authentication), and the other for the default
domain (for v2 authentication).

This patch updates the [service_user] config to use the service

Closes-Bug: #2026202
(cherry picked from commit 3ed0675a763a32a5ecd89c448a2b7e8e3a9f63b3)

87f9a8d... by Corey Bryant

Service token support [ussuri] (#809)

* Add configuration for use of service tokens

Add a new template to configure the service_user ini file section and
also add two needed parameters in keystone_authtoken configuration

(cherry picked from commit f8c8861b4f0cb2181792013f9a973b3924a1e831)

* Fixes for service tokens

* Make admin role configurable
* Move keystone_authtoken configuration from mitaka version to base
* Sync service_user config with keystone_authtoken for the base version

(cherry picked from commit 7bcb1942ad11aafa307d5872d7b36a7bd7908288)

Conflicts Resolved:

* Fix tests

(cherry picked from commit 4090532d1194d215cf5b065c1c108072652b8cfe)

* Add test for this feature

(cherry picked from commit e43008d7671433e44e27c58312292d8fb504fc59)

* Fix test

(cherry picked from commit c7cc5db9e4acd4dd66282bd4303f59db9ef8e9c6)

* Add service token parameters to last authtoken template

Copy parameters added in pull request #740 to the newest
keystone-authtoken template.

(cherry picked from commit 23d838bc55c842ea27ba29f4b1097b2ec9469fca)

* Pin tox<4.0


Co-authored-by: Jorge Merlino <email address hidden>
(cherry picked from commit 32772ff502e179027f46daaa04729a2f5d49f5e5)

Co-authored-by: Felipe Reyes <email address hidden>

7db54dd... by Frode Nordahl

Merge pull request #802 from mkalcok/backport-ovn-uca-pocket

[stable/ussuri] Add support for OVN UCA pocket