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68ac529... by Felipe Reyes

Add JUJU_DEPARTING_UNIT support (#563)

Juju 2.8 introduced the new environment variable JUJU_DEPARTING_UNIT
which holds the name of the unit that's being removed, this allows
charm authors to remove the unit from the cluster during the execution
of the *-relation-departed hook.

ac1dbb4... by Alex Kavanagh <email address hidden>

Fix (new) local_address() to work with pre-2.9 juju (#562)

The local_address() function will fallback on unit-get public-address
if the network-get --primary-address juju-info fails.
However, it appears that it does fail with NoNetworkBinding rather than
notimplemented (which is probably just an error). This fixes things so
that it will fallback if network-get fails.

f146558... by Liam Young

Stop getting {public,private}-address from unit-get (#561)

In Juju 2.8rc3 `unit-get public-address` became unreliable
(Bug #1910973). Since getting an address this was is deprecated
switch the OpenStack functions to prefer network-get. However,
fallback to the old method to support old versions of Juju for
the time being.

27b3f59... by David Ames

Use bindings for certificate requests (#556)

Pass a list of bindings to check in addition to the default API
bindings. Ignore ADDRESS_MAP KeyErrors for charms that do not have the
default API bindings.

Closes-Bug: #1908306

319b241... by Brian Murray

Update (#559)

The first part of dpkg-query's output is the "Desired" status of the package which can be one of "Unknown/Install/Remove/Purge/Hold". Where "Hold" means "A package marked to be on hold is kept on the same version" which is a variation of installed. Subsequently, a package with status of Hold should be considered as installed.

Co-authored-by: David Ames <email address hidden>

552fd54... by Aurelien Lourot

Merge pull request #560 from ChrisMacNaughton/feature/openstack-release

Add support for new openstack-release package

99e6fb1... by Chris MacNaughton

Add support for new openstack-release package

The new openstack-release package can be used to determine
the OpenStack codename that is installed on a given machine
when it is available.

ec67bf0... by Alex Kavanagh <email address hidden>

Pin pip to < 20.3 as requirements.txt is broken for 20.3.1 - temporary fix (#558)

* WIP: Trigger rebuild to reproduce error in bug#557

* Add tox/pip pinning to revert to old pip resolver

The 20.3.1 resolver (being more strict) doesn't accept the current
requirements.txt. This patch reverts to an older pip so that work can
continue and the resolver issue will be resolved independently.

* Remove TODO line

e1acb7f... by Alex Kavanagh <email address hidden>

Add connect_timeout to the MySQLHelper class (#550)

This is needed for the mysql-router charm as the connect method can hang
indefinitely without it if the associated local router fails to connect.
This happens during an update-status hook.

LP Bug: 1907250

a863fec... by Aurelien Lourot

Merge pull request #549 from fnordahl/bug/1908351

contrib/openstack: Add more detail to SR-IOV context