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7feae5d... by Rodrigo Barbieri

update region_name on [placement] (#534) (#537)

The os_region_name option has been deprecated in Rocky [0]
and removed in Stein [1], therefore the template that is
used across all OpenStack releases needs to be updated to
include the region_name option, so nova-cloud-controller and
other charms consuming this template present both config
options to OpenStack, which will use the appropriate one
for the running release.


Related-bug: #1903210
(cherry picked from commit e7450c6e60129cad1754d4d0026582f4a10d0523)

3242b1b... by Liam Young

Send unit name alongside ceph requets (#489)

Send the unit name alongside ceph request to support cross model

09752a1... by Ponnuvel Palaniyappan

Add groovy in UBUNTU_RELEASES (#512)

Signed-off-by: Ponnuvel Palaniyappan <email address hidden>

84fd5aa... by James Page

Merge pull request #481 from gnuoy/bug/1780712

Add helper to send application name to ceph-mons

02656fa... by Liam Young

Merge branch 'master' into bug/1780712

77f119a... by James Page

Make EC profiles immutable (#513)

* Make EC profiles immutable

Changing and existing ec profile using the --force option can have
nasty side effects such as causing OSD's to crash.

If an erasure profile already exists, don't try to update it.

Actions on the ceph-mon charm can be used to create new pools
and profiles, migrate data and then rename existing pools.

Closes-Bug: 1897517

* Log warning message on attempt to update an EC profile

cdd9631... by Liam Young

Add helper to send application name to ceph-mons

Add helper to send application name to ceph-mons. When clients
are connecting to the ceph-mons via a cross-model relation the
ceph-mons have no way to derive the remote application name so
they need to send it via relation data. The corresponding
ceph-mon change is here

47c0a41... by Stuart Bishop

contrib/unison: Fix ownership for authorized_keys and known_hosts (#487)

c98c063... by Stuart Bishop

Merge branch 'master' into unison

9b6222e... by Frode Nordahl

contrib/ovs: Handle ovs-vsctl's duality on list type fields (#511)

Fixes #510