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8ef9bd7... by Corey Bryant

Add swift 2.25.0 version for ussuri (#473) (#475)

Also fixes unrelated pep8 failures that are surfacing.

Closes-Bug: 1879569
(cherry picked from commit 8a90d2cc3aa0ba170756bdc87b4499903ac86fe5)

95580eb... by James Page

v0.20.14 release

25f300e... by James Page

ceph autoscaler: set min pg num for pools (#471)

Ensure that the minimum number of pgs is set as appropriate during
pool creation. If the number of pgs used for the initial pool creation
is less that the autoscaler default of 32, set to the lower pg
number to ensure that the autoscaler does not immediately scale
the pool up to 32 pgs.

This avoids pg overloading in smaller test deployments.

Closes-Bug: 1872748

b4aa4e3... by Frode Nordahl

ovn: Fix argument passing to ovn_appctl (#470)

The arguments passed to ovn_appctl is not properly encapsulated.

Add rundir argument to ``cluster_status`` for compability with
older releases (Train).

5dda156... by James Page

0.20.13 release

42d5bc4... by James Page

Merge branch 'master' of

5a46586... by Frode Nordahl

openstack: Add context for SRIOV configuration (#468)

Implement the ``neutron-openvswitch`` charm ``configure_sriov``
helper function as a context.

This is useful both for the interim and long term use case where
we now will write a interface name and number of VFs to a YAML

As of this writing it will be used with the ``sriov-netplan-shim``
package, long term it can be re-used to augment Netplan config.

Co-Authored-By: James Page <email address hidden>

dd2c0b0... by James Page

Release 0.20.12

3cd537d... by David Ames

Allow specifying port for mysql and shared-db context (#469)

* Allow specifying the port for mysql connections

* Add DB port to SharedDB context

Optionally, set database port. The mysql-shared interface will be
updated to set this value. Classic charms like percona-cluster may lag.

Closes-Bug: #1876188

* Do not pass port unless explicitly set

95a0f33... by Frode Nordahl

openstack: Move bridge port interface mapping to charm helpers (#448)

* ovs: Add ``add_bridge_bond`` function

The function allows the user to add bonded port in bridge from
interfaces and optionally attach data to the port and interfaces.

Depending on the configuration provided through the ``portdata``
and ``ifdatamap`` configuration options this function can be used
for adding bonds comprised of any interface type supported by
Open vSwitch.

* ovs: Add portdata parameter to ``add_bridge_port``

Allow to set arbitrary data on the created port.

Co-Authored-By: Aurelien Lourot <email address hidden>

* ovs: Allow ``add_bridge_port`` to leave promisc untouched

At present the function will actively turn promisc mode on or off
depending on the ``promisc`` argument.

This does not play nice with operating on ports that do not exist
or are visible to userland.

Make the ``promisc`` argument optional and do not attempt to set
it if argument is not provided. The default of 'False' is
retained for compatibility.

* openstack: Add DPDK context helpers

Move from neutron-openvswitch charm to enable sharing
among neutron-openvswitch, neutron-gateway, ovn-chassis
and ovn-dedicated-chassis charms.

Co-Authored-By: James Page <email address hidden>
Co-Authored-By: Nikolay Nikolaev <email address hidden>
Co-Authored-By: Ante Karamatic <email address hidden>

* openstack: Move bridge port interface mapping to c-h

This will allow uniform handling of network configuration
across ``neutron-openvswitch``, ``neutron-gateway`` and
the OVN chassis charms.

Note that the handling of this detail in the charm is

The long term goal is for network connectivity detail to be
modelled in the server provisioning layer (such as MAAS) which in
turn will provide a Netplan YAML description that will be used to
drive Open vSwitch.

Until we get to that reality the charm will need to configure
this detail based on application level configuration options.

Rename and extend the ``BridgeBondMap`` class to
``BridgePortInterfaceMap`` and use the same data structures
internally for regular bridge interface mapping and the DPDK OVS
bonding support. Note in light of the pre-deprecation mentioned
above we only expose OVS bond configuration for the DPDK use case.

Co-authored-by: Aurelien Lourot <email address hidden>
Co-authored-by: James Page <email address hidden>
Co-authored-by: Nikolay Nikolaev <email address hidden>
Co-authored-by: Ante Karamatic <email address hidden>