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fd44263... by Joseph Borg

Detect elementaryOS as Ubuntu to allow local testing (#426)

2b052b9... by David Ames

DHCPAgentContext for Neutron Plugin API charms (#422)

* DHCPAgentContext for Neutron Plugin API charms

Generalize the DHCPAgentContext for Neutron Plugin API charms,
neutron-gateway and neutron-openvswitch.

Primarily to handle the ovs-use-veth setting problem. Get the right
value from config or existing dhcp_agent.ini file. Existing has
precedence. Attempt to default to "False" without disrupting existing
deployments. Handle existing deployments and upgrades safely. See LP

Partial-Bug: #1831935

* More unit tests from neutron-openvswitch

* Parse early and use Bools for ovs-use-veth

Responses to review requests:
* Parse config value into bools early
* Use static methods

da57d6d... by David Ames

Add the EXECUTE grant for mysql router users (#424)

With mysql 8.0.19 it is necessary to add the EXECUTE grant on the
mysql_innodb_cluster_metadata table for mysqlrouter users to bootstrap.

Partial-bug: #1861234

424ff41... by James Page

v0.20.8 release

99b270c... by Liam Young

Add get_managed_services_and_ports (#421)

Add get_managed_services_and_ports. This is generalised version of
the keystone specific method that recently landed *1. Adding
a generalised version to reduce duplicate code when rolling out
across the OpenStack API charms.


0c51e02... by Tiago Pasqualini da Silva

Fix apt hardening module (#416)

* Fix apt hardening module

Commit d2ea1b8 replaced the original apt_pkg module with a custom
implementation. This new implementation, however, has a few differences
with how the original module handled some of its calls. It is also
missing the 'config' submodule which is needed by the apt hardening

This commit implements the 'config' functionality and fixes the
compatibility issues with this new implementation.

Related-Bug: #1857258

99ee8fc... by Liam Young

Add is_db_maintenance_mode (#420)

Add helper is_db_maintenance_mode to check if any database units
have sent a notification that the cluster is going into maintenance

e72a529... by Corey Bryant

Add Ussuri/Focal release and version details (#419)

847f162... by Liam Young

Add is_db_initialised & set_db_initialised helpers (#418)

* Add is_db_initialised & set_db_initialised helpers

Add is_db_initialised and set_db_initialised for use by Openstack
charms to track if a charms database has been initialised.

* Fix logging nits

* Add unit tests

eacd0d9... by Frode Nordahl

HostInfoContext: Fix retrieval of a hosts primary FQDN (#415)

* HostInfoContext: Fix retrieval of a hosts primary FQDN

The implementation of ``socket.getfqdn()`` in the standard Python
library does not exhaust all methods of getting the official name
of a host ref Python issue

Add a hint to the context based on local unit state for whether
fqdn should be used or not.

* HostInfoContext: use callback for charm controlled hint

Instead of forcing the charm authors hand as to how the
`use_fqdn_hint` is passed, provide a optional callback to let charm
author implement whichever way suits their charm.