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b01002b... by Frode Nordahl

HostInfoContext: Fix retrieval of a hosts primary FQDN (#415) (#417)

* HostInfoContext: Fix retrieval of a hosts primary FQDN

The implementation of ``socket.getfqdn()`` in the standard Python
library does not exhaust all methods of getting the official name
of a host ref Python issue

Add a hint to the context based on local unit state for whether
fqdn should be used or not.

* HostInfoContext: use callback for charm controlled hint

Instead of forcing the charm authors hand as to how the
`use_fqdn_hint` is passed, provide a optional callback to let charm
author implement whichever way suits their charm.

f2da3e8... by James Page

Update swift versions for train (#388)

Add 2.23.0 to the list of versions for Swift for OpenStack

62eb4ce... by Alex Kavanagh <email address hidden>

Fix the py35 issue with json not accepting bytestrings (#387)

So Python 3.6+ is magic, in that it will accept any str type
(str or bytes) in the json.loads() method. Unfortunately, xenial
(py35) doesn't have this feature. This patch correctly handles the
check_output output for the enabled_manager_modules() function.

5dfcd05... by Alex Kavanagh <email address hidden>

Fix policyd on trusty (py34 issue) (#386)

os.scandir() doesn't exit on py34 (trusty). Trusty isn't a target for
policyd, but due to another change for the cinder charm (only) the
policyd valid test was in the wrong place, and it exposed the scandir
issue on py34. This change puts the test in the right place *and* fixes
the trusty issue in case policyd *is* backported to a trusty release.

6698214... by Ian Booth

Add support for the action-log hook command (#385)

6760aff... by Alex Kavanagh <email address hidden>

Update the policyd docstrings due to charm changes (#382)

When the charms' README and config.yaml files were reviewed some
changes were introduced. This PR simply updates the equivalent
docstrings in the policyd module.

46d66de... by Alex Kavanagh <email address hidden>

Fix policyd on py35 (#384)

* Fix policyd on py35

py35 version of Zipfile doesn't have an 'is_dir()' method on the
zipinfo object. This is needed on xenial. This patch provides a
faillback to the 'old' method of determining if an entry is a dir if the
is_dir() method is not available.

* Add some more useful logging for when things go wrong

4cffc05... by James Page

Prepare 0.20.4 release

714d5ae... by Liam Young

Stop duplicate ops being added to CephBrokerRq (#381)

* Stop duplicate ops being added to CephBrokerRq

If an op already exists in a CephBrokerRq then there is no
reason to add it again.

* Fix docstring

* Simplify check for existing op

4312df6... by David Ames

Allow OpenStack deployments from PPA packages (#380)

When using a PPA for an OpenStack package the current implementation
throws errors because it cannot determine the OpenStack version from
the openstack-origin. It also makes terrible assumptions about which
version of OpenStack is in use when unable to determine it from

This change does the following:
 * Gracefully handles if the openstack-source is not a known source.
 * Uses a sane default for os_relase base, by determining the default
   OpenStack release for the currently deployed Ubuntu series.