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b4de1f4... by Liam Young

Add context with info about running host (#357)

09d4f75... by Corey Bryant

Use "rabbit_use_ssl" instead of "ssl" for ocata config (#355)

Ensure "rabbit_use_ssl" is specified in the [oslo_messaging_rabbit]
config section instead of "ssl" for Ocata, since "ssl" was not yet

Related-Bug: #1838696

1f255f0... by Alex Kavanagh <email address hidden>

Add getter helpers to contrib ovs module (#353)

* Add getter helpers to contrib ovs module

This patch adds in some getters for listing bridges and ports on bridges
on the openvswitch. This complements the add and delete methods and is
(primarily) to allow the neutron-gateway charm to remove bridges/ports
that are no longer in the config for that application.

Related-Bug: lp#1809190

* Update for PEP8 compliance

* Filter out empty strings if ovs-vsctl returns no lines

If there are no bridges configured, then the command may return no lines
and thus would return an empty string. Thus, filter them out, so that
an empty list is returned instead.

207db11... by Liam Young

Allow the current password to be passed in. (#354)

Allow the current password to be passed in when updating a users

6d8fb7f... by Chris MacNaughton

Optionally configure haproxy (#351)

* optionally configure haproxy

* add test for disabled haproxy

* initialize _relation_data

* incl empty keyname placeholders

* Update unit test

* ensure new keyword argument is at the end

65eed4d... by James Page


97f7159... by James Page

Use pymysql >= Queens (#348)

Provide explicit configuration of pymysql from OpenStack Queens and
later; this deals with an upgrade issue from Rocky->Stein where the
default MySQL dialect in SQLAlchemy was reverted back to MySQLDB.

a938357... by Liam Young

Add helper to get the percona entry for amulet (#349)

Amulet tests should be using the trusty version of the
percona-cluster charm for deployments. This helper allows the
amulet tests to be updated to use the helper to get the correct
entry for any given deployment.

328d426... by Rodrigo Barbieri

Adding function to check if relation has proper broker_rsp (#347)

This function returns if relation has proper broker_rsp

Closes-Bug: #1835045

b31408e... by Liam Young

Add service_{project,domain}_id keys to Ident ctxt (#346)

* Add service_{project,domain}_id keys to Ident ctxt

Add service_{project,domain}_id keys to IdentityServiceContext. The
data is already present in the admin_domain_name and admin_tenant_id
keys but those key names are confusing.

Adding service_{project,domain}_id keys to the context is gated on
the use of keystone api version greater than 2. It is assumed that
if api 3 is being used then the service project and domain ids
are being passed down the relation which is true as of the 18.04
keystone charms (

* Restore deepcopy