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8b55204... by David Ames

Re-enable pgrep_full (#309)

pidof -x is not finding scripts run under python3 (like neutron-server).
pgrep -f has not problem finding them.

We had most of the plumbing already in place to use pgrep. It turns out
pidof is susceptible to the same problems pgrep does which led us to
change in the first place.

This change will fix a number of stein testing enrolment blockers.

65fa3ae... by Frode Nordahl

contrib/openstack: Return status on process certificates (#308)

Returns True when certificates found and processed for local unit
in relation data, return False otherwise.

05f9699... by James Page

0.19.13 release

43c6cea... by James Page

stein: Add swift 2.21.0 (#307)

Add latest swift release for stein to the list of stein

49742ae... by Chris MacNaughton

enable disco (#306)

231ca88... by Diko Parvanov <email address hidden>

Added context generator for logrotate (#303)

New simple context generator for logrotate + template.

The logrotate context generator has 3 arguments:
 * interval
 * rotate count
 * location of log files in /var/log/

Related-Bug: #1692118

085769b... by Frode Nordahl

Allow specifying ownership of certificate files (#302)

Some services require specific ownership for access to certificate

e6885c8... by Chris MacNaughton

Update Keystone expectations to meet security guide (#299)

* Update Keystone expectations to meet security guide

According to the [Security Checklist][1], Keystone's config
files should be owned by keystone:keystone

Also, shift to broader, directory based permissions

4f9f84f... by Pen Gale

Added an "ignore" option to sysctl_create (#300)

* Added an "ignore" option to sysctl_create

Exposes sysctl's -e flag, which allows us to ignore "unknown variable"
errors. Gives us a lightweight way of setting what sysctl we can in a
charm, without probling /proc/sys to see what modules are actually

* Fixed pyflakes errors.

a3bcd8e... by David Ames

Catch NoNetworkBinding for VIPs in resolve_address (#298)

There was one network_get_primary_address call left which was not
protected by NoNetworkBinding in resolve_address when clustering is in
use and VIPs are set.

This change catches that last case. Also, confirmed there are no other