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6906123... by Frode Nordahl

Separate certificates with lineseparator in bundles (#260) (#271)

Fixes LP: #1810910

(cherry picked from commit cb2c2282f900a6e198b3578610c6c5375ea83292)

87af6df... by Alex Kavanagh

Update copy_nrpe_checks() for optional c-h directory (#247) (#251)

The function assumed that the charmhelpers directory would always be in
the hooks directory. However, with PY3 it can be very tricky to try to
keep a symlink in the hooks directory. Therefore, for some PY3
non-reactive charms, charmhelpers was moved to the CHARMDIR. However,
this caused this function to fail.

The change here is to search for the charmhelpers directory in both
CHARMDIR and CHARMDIR/hooks and then use that.

Closes-Bug: #246
LP-Bug: #1796830

0c3c21f... by Alex Kavanagh

Add "proposed" to get_os_codename_install_source function (#242)

In fetch.ubuntu.add_source() the "proposed" and "distro-proposed"
strings are synonyms for each other. However, in the
contrib.openstack.utils.get_os_codename_install_source() function the
"proposed" string is not handled. This patch just adds "proposed" to
the get_os_codename_install_source function.

Closes-Bug: 241

ccc0a80... by Ryan Beisner <email address hidden>

Update amulet helper origin list for ceilometer-agent (#239)

af8eb3b... by Cory Johns

Release 0.19.4

52be1e9... by Billy Olsen <email address hidden>

Consistently render haproxy.conf (#237) (#238)

Change the primitive python dict to an OrderedDict to ensure
consistent rendering of the haproxy.conf file. The frontends
variable referenced in the haproxy.conf template uses simple
dict traversal which is not guaranteed to provide consistent
ordreing across hook invocations.

Fixes #237

cf2dd13... by Liam Young

Add helpers for extracting certs from relation. (#235)

Add helpers for extracting certificate data from the certificates

a43ba54... by Alex Kavanagh

Make the harden and pausable_restart_on_change lazy (#234)

* Make the harden and pausable_restart_on_change lazy

Due to py3 work in some charms, these decorators now take callables
in their parameter list as an option, so that load time decorator usage
doesn't have to force a long function call; it makes the parameters lazy
and only evaluated when the decorated function is called.

Also fix a load of linting errors that had been building up.

* Add W504 to travis CI run -- linebreak after binary is typical in charm-helpers

7195426... by Martin Hilton

core/host: fix changing permissions in write_file (#233)

1156b9d... by Frode Nordahl

Add helpers to get expected peer and related units from goal-state (#226)

* Add helpers to get expected peer and related units from goal-state

* Add query to `goal-state` when determining whether to expect ha