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4554c55... by Yang Kelvin Liu

ensure max lenght of message in log func (#208)

a430c20... by Corey Bryant

Add 2.19.0 to rocky swift versions (#207)

84ec394... by David Ames

Fix get_ceph_pools for mimic (#206)

The mimic output for ceph osd lspools is different. This is a simple
change to put the format into what get_ceph_pools expects.

13c9c26... by David Ames

Use glance client v2 (#205)

V1 of glance client has been deprecated for some time. It has been
removed from Rocky. Use glance client v2 whenever possible in testing.

c2d1fa1... by Liam Young

Support multiple WSGI vhosts in Openstack (#201)

The current WSGIWorkerConfigContext cannot be used to support
multiple wsgi vhosts for the same user because the WSGIDaemonProcess
'name' attribute must be different between the two vhosts but the
'name' is also used to dictate the user and group. This change
allows the user and group to be explicitly set. The allows for
multiple wsgi vhosts for user X with different WSGIDaemonProcess

6f00335... by David Ames

Series Upgrade Helpers (#200)

Add helpers for the series upgrade new feature in juju.

653f141... by Liam Young

Add functions for managing ssh assets in OpenStack (#197)

Move functions from the nova-cloud-controller charm into charm
helpers so they can be shared between charms.

As part of the move there were some updates, notably:

* Pass around application name, rather than unit, as unit was only
  needed to derive application name.
* Fix bug in ssh_known_host_key. Modern ssh-keygen appears to
  have an rc of 1 when successfully retrieving a key. This was
  causing a CalledProcessError to be thrown which in turn meant the
  function always returned None.
* Fix bug in ssh_authorized_key_exists. The existing version
  searches for the key padded with white space but that is not how
  it is stored so it always returned False.
* Refactor ssh_compute_add. This preserves the classic charms
  access to the function via ssh_compute_add but also adds the
  reactive entry point using ssh_compute_add_host_and_key.
* New functions get_ssh_settings and get_all_user_ssh_settings.
  get_ssh_settings encapsulates logic that was in the file for collecting all ssh assets for a given
  application and user. get_all_user_ssh_settings collects all
  the required combinations together for a given application.

b1a814b... by Stuart Bishop

Add unit_doomed call to inform about removed units (#199)

5530d0d... by Cory Johns

Rename service_name, add helpers for model name and UUID (#196)

Services have been called applications for a long time now, the helper
should be renamed.

Also add helpers for getting the model name and UUID.

cc7adea... by James Page