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71d9aca... by Aymen Frikha

LP: #1748433 Ansible version changed from 2.0 to 2.5 and there is sev… (#181)

* LP: #1748433 Ansible version changed from 2.0 to 2.5

There is several changes in newer version. The default config of remote_tmp changed from " $HOME/.ansible/tmp" to "~/.ansible/tmp". Also Juju does not expand correctly tild character.

Closes-bug: LP#1748433

d2f957e... by James Page

ovs: long interface names and existing wiring (#186)

Linux interface names are a maximum of 15 characters; ensure that
when wiring an ovs bridge to a linux bridge, the generated veth
pair naming is below this limit by using parts of the hash of
the bridge name.

Any existing use of this feature will remain unchanged as this
is only used when the provided bridge name is > 10 characters.

This commit also fixes an issue when a linuxbridge was previously
directly wired into ovs bridge - this was supported in older
code versions, and we need to ensure we don't break users who
have leveraged this feature on upgrades.

fc6508d... by Tytus Kurek

Add "select" function to "MySQLHelper" class (#185)

* Add "select" function to "MySQLHelper" class

This patchset adds "select" function to "MySQLHelper" class which
can be used to execute SQL select query and return the results.

Closes-Bug: 1775182

e1157a1... by Cory Johns

0.19.0 release

90ac4fa... by Nikolay Nikolaev

Add set_Open_vSwitch_column_value (#182)

The function allows direct manipulation of the OVSDB Open_vSwitch
table and setting the specified value in its only record.
for a description of the possible values.

Signed-off-by: Nikolay Nikolaev <email address hidden>

5980e1a... by Chris MacNaughton

update deployment to use Amulet supported storage (#183)

14225ad... by Kevin W Monroe

Support the goal-state command (#180)

- Returns json provided by the goal-state hook command
- Raises NotImplementedError when goal-state is not available (< Juju 2.4)

04b2562... by James Page

Re-release .10 as .11 due to missing tags

3a8b837... by James Page

0.18.10 release

d27191e... by Liam Young

Add support for certs relation in OpenStack charms (#173)

Add support for certificates relation for OpenStack Charms.