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ead21e4... by James Page

Misc stable fixes (#96)

* Fix Swift package version check (#93)

Related-Bug: #1743847
(cherry picked from commit 395d849d3e44f7f58e0f95fccaedc695e835059b)

* Fix file permissions on config cache and unitdata (#94)

(cherry picked from commit 757c1b524f0766b00f9b07d9e6ac118e9f7ce3fa)

* Fix regression in NRPE haproxy check (#95)

These changes fix a regression in the haproxy NRPE checks when
gathering credentials for querying the admin haproxy endpoint,
to determine haproxy backend server health via the admin API.

(cherry picked from commit b2d968cd70a886aa8fee0c21bcd0b2f0501162a0)

* Make HAProxyContext network spaces aware (#92)

Use get_relation_ip in the HAProxy context. get_relation_ip is
IPv6, configuration and network spaces aware.

Partial-Bug: #1735421
(cherry picked from commit 416919061d1ff51d4f8910996856b13151270bf0)

* Support use of HAProxy context in dashboard charm (#98)

The Openstack Dashboard charm only has a public network binding,
which means the default HAProxy behaviour to inspect public,
internal and admin bindings breaks; support override of the
list of bindings to inspect during creation of the context.

(cherry picked from commit a69a671c457f1ca37dd3c26a7d20fd83a813f7cc)

74cb003... by James Page

Release: 0.18.3 (#61)

3b2a41f... by James Page

py3: encode content in write_file (#60)

Ensure content is encoded prior to writing to binary opened

7480fef... by David Ames



_auto_wait_for_status was overriding AMULET_SETUP_TIMEOUT which is set
in tox.ini. The various amulet.sentry calls rely on

This change ensures _auto_wait_for_status honors AMULET_SETUP_TIMEOUT
while also handling situations where AMULET_SETUP_TIMEOUT is unset.

* Make timeout values explicit

76fbf52... by Chris MacNaughton

SSL File writing should use byte mode (#58)

Closes #57

a905d10... by Ryan Beisner <email address hidden>

Add queens to openstack amulet helpers (#55)

c800b60... by Corey Bryant

Add remaining series support for queens (#54)

9a8bfde... by Ryan Beisner <email address hidden>

Remove EOL comparison in get_expected_pools test helper (#52)

3f25f97... by Alex Kavanagh <email address hidden>

Change get_os_codename_package() to work with Py3 (#51)

This small changes just allows the above named function to be Py2 and
Py3 compatible.

e5c00ad... by David Ames

Properly wait for _auto_wait_for_status (#49)

* Properly wait for _auto_wait_for_status

After a config change in which the workload message already matches
what is expected, the units may not yet be idle or worse they are in
an error state and d.wait_for_messages will wait the full timeout

Amulet provides three different checks d.wait checks for idleness,
d.wait_for_status checks for active workload status and
d.wait_for_messages confirms the workload message matches

This change adds to the OS _auto_wait_for_status all of these in order
to ensure ready state before inspecting the environment. This change
should also avoid situations where a unit is in error state and amulet
waits the full timeout values before exiting.

Finally, add an _auto_wait_for_status to
keystone_configure_api_version to ensure it is ready to inspect
propagation and address Bug#1668954.

Partial-Bug: #1668954