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631e62a... by Mike Wilson

Removing deduplication on add_op_request_access_to_group

9e8757c... by Mike Wilson

Adding duplicate check for ops.

This came about due to changes to ceph ops to allow creating multiple pools.
The thought of multiple calls with the same pool names came up. While this
prevents multiple ops from the same relation, it isn't going to prevent two
different applications from attempting to create multiple pools. The point
of that comment is to point out that deplication is still possible.

68db7f3... by Cory Johns


f6d76d0... by Frode Nordahl

Remove ``psutil`` from c-h setup (#359)

This module is conditionally used in some parts of the library and
we should not force it upon everyone.

d01d120... by Cory Johns


d2ea1b8... by Frode Nordahl

Replace ``python-apt`` functionality (#341)

* setup: Add missing ``psutil`` dependency

* Add module with subset of ``apt_pkg`` API

The ``python-apt`` package is a wrapper around the ``apt`` C++
library which is tightly connected to the version of the
distribution it is shipped on.

This in turn makes it incredibly hard to distribute as a wheel for
a charm that supports a large span of distro versions.

We do not want to rely on system installed Python packages but
distribute the direct charm dependencies as part of the charms

As the span of distributions we need to support with reactive
charms widens we will run into compability problems with the
current model.

For further reference see discussion in LP: #1824112 and

* Make c-h use provided apt_pkg compability shim

* Detect consumer use of upstream ``apt_pkg`` module

When our consumer use the upstream ``apt_pkg`` module in
conjunction with the apt_cache helper function, they may expect us
to call ``apt_pkg.init()`` for them.

Detect this situation, log a warning and make the call to
``apt_pkg.init()`` to avoid the consumer Python interpreter from
crashing with a segmentation fault.

* Improve string handling in ``upstream_version``

* Update ``apt_cache`` function signature

Make it more clear that any arguments will be ignored.

* Use AttributeDict trick for ``_container`` class

* Accept any kw args to apt_cache for compability

b4de1f4... by Liam Young

Add context with info about running host (#357)

09d4f75... by Corey Bryant

Use "rabbit_use_ssl" instead of "ssl" for ocata config (#355)

Ensure "rabbit_use_ssl" is specified in the [oslo_messaging_rabbit]
config section instead of "ssl" for Ocata, since "ssl" was not yet

Related-Bug: #1838696

1f255f0... by Alex Kavanagh <email address hidden>

Add getter helpers to contrib ovs module (#353)

* Add getter helpers to contrib ovs module

This patch adds in some getters for listing bridges and ports on bridges
on the openvswitch. This complements the add and delete methods and is
(primarily) to allow the neutron-gateway charm to remove bridges/ports
that are no longer in the config for that application.

Related-Bug: lp#1809190

* Update for PEP8 compliance

* Filter out empty strings if ovs-vsctl returns no lines

If there are no bridges configured, then the command may return no lines
and thus would return an empty string. Thus, filter them out, so that
an empty list is returned instead.

207db11... by Liam Young

Allow the current password to be passed in. (#354)

Allow the current password to be passed in when updating a users