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6ce7eb3... by arturo-seijas <email address hidden>

Add support for executing systemctl command without providing a service name (#704)

Add support to run systemctl commands without a service name argument such as 'systemctl daemon-reload'

a72931f... by Xav Dziekonski <email address hidden>

Make inability to determine Openstack codename version non-fatal (#688)

Enable `get_os_version_codename()` to raise an Exception instead of calling `error_out()`. This allows a charm to gracefully handle the exception and continue the hook execution if wanted.

Related: LP#1965966

20d0647... by Billy Olsen <email address hidden>

Merge pull request #703 from ajkavanagh/fit-git-tests-pre-2.28

Modify git tests so they continue to work with git < 2.28

6ae9ef2... by Alex Kavanagh

Modify git tests so they continue to work with git < 2.28

git 2.28 introduced the `--initial-branch` option to
`git init` which allowed the initial branch to be other than
master. This was used in the GitUrlFetchHandlerTest class.
Unfortunately, this breaks when testing on a distro that doesn't
have git < 2.28 installed. Modify the tests so that this is called
out explicitly. When git pre-2.28 is gone, this patch can be

868d2ef... by Adam Dyess needs to be able to access proxy variables (#700)

* fetch.archiveurl needs to use available proxies during download(...)

* call ProxyHandler() and urlopen(...) with an updated os.environ to make use of no_proxy

* update os.environ rather than overwriting it

91ee22f... by Felipe Reyes

ns_query: capture NoNameservers exception. (#698)

When all the servers configured in the system failed to answer the query
the exception `dns.resolver.NoNameservers` is raised while NXDOMAIN is
only for when the name was not found.

f6f6e51... by Billy Olsen <email address hidden>

Merge pull request #696 from freyes/py310

Python 3.10 support

35551ae... by Felipe Reyes

tests fixes for Python 3.10 compatibility

This patch drops the use of nose package in favor of unittest primitives
and minor adjustments to the tests.

55854a3... by Felipe Reyes


collections.Iterable has been deprecated in favor of for many years and python3.10 finally removed

78a2a6c... by Felipe Reyes

Add py310 target

This change adds py310 to tox.ini and github's workflow, since nose
doesn't support python 3.10 and it's been deprecated for years now,
nose2 is included to run the tests in this target, previous versions of
python will still run using nose.