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92ff061... by Cory Johns

Move contrib.python to fetch.python and add to docs

8fc4f6b... by Cory Johns

Fix lint errors

036fed4... by David Ames

Allow None state from charm_func_with_configs (#270)

* Allow None state from charm_func_with_configs

The charm_func_with_configs function is passed to
_ows_check_charm_func in order to allow unique status checks per
charm. It works when the charm sets a state like blocked or
maintenance. However, when you want the custom
charm_func_with_configs to do nothing and allow the rest of the
assess status code to run unimpeded there is no state setting to do
this. If set to None the code currently Tracebacks. "active" will
work but the charm_func_with_configs may not have the full
perspective to confirm this is the case.

Allow the charm_func_with_configs to return None, None when no action
is required.


def charm_func_with_configs():
   # Unique status check
   if key != value:
       # Unique status result
       return "blocked", "This charm requires key to equal value"
   # The key does equal value so let the rest of asses status code
   # determine the state as normal.
   return None, None

9d84ec4... by Dmitrii Shcherbakov <email address hidden>

Introduce get_distrib_codename helper (#268)

Adds a simple helper to return a distribution codename.

Closes-Bug: #254

559bff9... by James Page

0.19.8 release

a0240fd... by James Page

Merge branch 'master' of

f0f4008... by Liam Young

Add get_installed_semantic_versioned_packages (#269)

Add a method that returns a list of OpenStack packages which are
installed and use semantic versioning. This is the first step
in resolving Bug #1741628. charms.openstack can then use this list
to calculate the installed OpenStack version.

e6c4e5c... by James Page

0.19.7 release

386a819... by Pen Gale

Fix ceph update keyring (#266)

check if key is in keyring, if not, update

Renamed create_keyring -> add_key

New name reflects what the function actually does. Kept a
create_keyring function that calls the new function, for backwards
compatibility purposes.

9b47a9f... by James Page

release 0.19.6