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3641d77... by Chris MacNaughton

Resolve type change in Ceph Quincy for enabled_manager_modules

0cf9358... by Edward Hope-Morley

Add service_type to keystone-authtoken section (#687)

Related-Bug: #1965967

6d4369d... by xavpaice <email address hidden>

collect stdout from ansible-playbook execution (#678)

* collect stdout from ansible-playbook execution

* Log errors from ansible-playbook as ERROR

2e84095... by xavpaice <email address hidden>

Make ansible-playbook verbose (#677)

* Make ansible-playbook verbose

* Update unit tests for ansible -vvv

1aee8c5... by TQ X <email address hidden>

Adding new function for enabling service (#676)

* Adding new function for enabling service
* add a service_enable function in charmhelpers/core/
* add a unit test for service_enable function in tests/core/

Some charms, such as charm-glance (concerning bug/1960636), requires calling
an additional function during installation to enable services. This new function
can be used to address such a problem.

Co-authored-by: Tianqi Xiao <email address hidden>

446cbfd... by Billy Olsen <email address hidden>

Merge pull request #675 from coreycb/profile-name

Fix handling of profile-name

52df453... by Corey Bryant

Fix handling of profile-name

The current code:
self.profile_name = op.get('crush-profile', profile_name)

will only default to profile_name if the 'crush-profile' key
doesn't exist in the op dictionary. If the 'crush-profile' key
exists and is set to None, the default profile_name is not used.

This change will use the default profile_name in both cases.

Closes-Bug: #1960622

b53f741... by Aqsa Malik

Add profile-name param (#673)

fce4194... by Alex Kavanagh <email address hidden>

Remove tempita as it doesn't seem to be required anymore (#674)

b811ffa... by Cornellius Metto

Utilities for configuring deferred restarts NRPE checks (#669)

* Utilities for configuring NRPE checks for deferred service restarts

* Added new NRPE plugin ''. Charms can use
  copy_nrpe_checks() to move it to the nagios plugin directory.
* Added {add,remove}_deferred_restarts_check utilities for adding and
  removing the NRPE checks.

* Improve docstrings and error handling

  * Add docstrings to the new functions.

  * Add copyright header.
  * Improve error handling for known error conditions.
  * Improve docstrings to add raised exceptions.

Co-authored-by: Cornellius Metto <email address hidden>