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a69a93b... by Joseph Borg

Moving to factory and writing tests

5199522... by Joseph Borg

PEP8 fixes

1abbc57... by Joseph Borg

Adding arch method in host

1e4b594... by James Page

0.19.12 release

900684e... by Nicolas Pochet <email address hidden>

Use the same gpg command (#290)

* When using `gpg --with-colons --import-options show-only --import
--dry-run` as root, it fails because the `/root/.gnupg/pubring.kbx` file does
not exist.
* When using `gpg --with-colons --with-fingerprint`, the
`/root/.gnupg/pubring.kbx` file is created and used

8612a38... by Drew Freiberger

Fix openstack-upgrade-available detection to work with new versions of apt.version_compare() (#292)

3b25c47... by Cory Johns

0.19.11 release

4ea8413... by Cory Johns

Add getrange command to unitdata CLI (#273)

Can now use:

chlp unitdata getrange foo.

6158f69... by Joseph Borg

Fixing `cmp_pkgrevno` Ceph bug (#288)

3de0499... by James Page

Update swift version for stein (#287)