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Recent revisions

42328. By nexyon on 2013-11-12

Fix for [#37362] Audio strips sometimes are evaluated incorrectly.

For details see bug comments. The problem was that blender's animation system didn't update the audio animation system anymore due to an optimization. Fixed this in a complex but proper way in the audio animation system, so that it can handle gaps of missing values.

42327. By lukastoenne on 2013-11-12

Small example for dynamic node labels in the custom_nodes.py template script.

42326. By lukastoenne on 2013-11-12

Make dynamic node labels possible as a registerable function 'draw_label' (simple 'label' identifier is already in use, need to avoid API breakage). This should simply return a string. The dynamic label can still be overridden by the user-defined node.label string.

42325. By lukastoenne on 2013-11-12

Instead of requiring a const char* return from the (optional) node label callback function, let it write into a mutable string buffer. This will allow actual dynamic labels for nodes using the python

42324. By irie on 2013-11-12

Change the behavior of AO pass in Blender internal's shader/render node tree so that it becomes (1.0, 1.0, 1.0) when AO is disabled.

For materials using AO pass, this makes the material preview and the GLSL
preview more accurate, but shouldn't affect final rendering in most cases
because we usually enable AO when using the AO pass in node tree.

Thanks to Brecht for code review.

42323. By mont29 on 2013-11-12

Fix [#37409] Missing Buttons in Edit Strip Sub-Menu for Sound Strips in the VSE

Add back mute & lock buttons to audio strips (these should not have been removed, own fault).

42322. By kjym3 on 2013-11-12

Fix #37092 and #37381: crashes in the .object() method of Freestyle iterators.
Now the method checks if the iterator is at the end, and returns None if that is the case.

42321. By mont29 on 2013-11-11

Fix [#37380] vertex paint colors don't render.

Another Evil Typo (r) one, you could add much more than the 8 allowed VCol layers!

Note: added some (warning-only) checks in mesh validate functions, but we still have a big issue with new cdlayer merge function, which could generate more than 8 layers of UVs or VCol... Don't know yet how to handle this situation. :(

42320. By mont29 on 2013-11-11

Fix [#37388] Grid fill crashes blender in specific situation.

With some geometries, we can have a valid first path, without being able to find a valid second one, added needed check.

42319. By howardt on 2013-11-11

Used wrong RNA access routine in bevel amount commit.

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