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Recent revisions

647. By kevina on 2011-07-07

Minor Fix.

646. By kevina on 2011-07-07

Fix: #2929316: Several corrections on a same line.

Segments include the '\0' as part of the string, thus use end-1, thus
to get the width use end-1 not end!

645. By kevina on 2011-07-07

Remove "size > ignore" special case in Checker::process the ignore
parameter isn't implemented yet and all this services to do is cause a
crash when spell checking an empty file.

644. By kevina on 2011-07-07

Remove hacks for now ancient compilers that have poor support for the
C++ standard, mainly VC6 and BCB5.5.

643. By kevina on 2011-07-07

Remove hacks for now ancient compilers that have poor support for the
C++ standard, mainly VC6 and BCB5.5.

642. By kevina on 2011-07-07

Oops. Fix conflict in last merge.

641. By kevina on 2011-07-07

Merge in changes from rel_0_60-branch (minor and irrelevant commits skipped):

  2011-07-06 23:38 kevina:

  Document, fix is last commit in the ChangeLog as it is an important
  enough fix to users of the library.

  2011-07-06 23:20 kevina:

  In convert.cpp don't attemt to derefrence a char pointer if the size
  is 0 (or for that matter if its past the end).

  Revert earlier band-aid fix in the CheckerString constructor.

  2011-07-05 01:35 kevina:

  Remove out of date reference to where to get latest dev. docs.

  2011-07-04 18:46 kevina:

  Address Patch #3303370: "Don't use foo() notion to initialize arrays"
  since gcc 2.95 doesn't comply with the C++ Standard when initilizing
  arrays with foo().

  2011-07-04 08:44 kevina:

  Merge in changes from rel_0_60_6-branch:

    2011-07-04 04:30 kevina:


    Updated Copyright on some files, po file updates (due to change in
    copyright string).

    2011-07-04 02:52 kevina:

    Update po files.

    2011-07-04 01:52 kevina:

    * modules/speller/default/speller_impl.cpp:

    Don't try to add an empty repl string. Fixes #1205407, failed
    assertion in aspeller::SensitiveCompare::operator()

    2011-07-04 01:50 kevina:

    Handle \n and \r in words (which are legitimate in the case of a
    non-standard encoding). Also clean up reading in of lines in the
    repl file to make it slightly more robust.

    2011-07-03 02:14 kevina:

    Fix failed "file ino support" configure test due to not include
    stdlib.h in the test. Oops.

    2011-07-03 01:22 kevina:

    Use the correct location for term.h (Fixes #3172901), Ctrl-C quits program
    although advertised differently

  2011-07-04 08:07 kevina:

  [in modules/speller/default/readonly_ws.cpp]
  Add function for low-level dubug dump.

  2011-07-04 04:30 kevina:


  Updated Copyright on some files, po file updates (due to change in
  copyright string).

  2011-07-02 03:25 kevina:

  [in common/convert.cpp]
  Return better error messages on failed 'sanity' check: indicate the
  file that likely caused the error, and also don't crash on sanity
  failure in create_norm_table (i.e. check for error cond instead of
  ignoring it).

  2011-07-02 01:46 kevina:

  Document last commit in manual ChangeLog as it is an important enough fix.

  2011-07-02 01:22 kevina:

  Properly acquire a lock when updating the dictionary cache. Addresses
  #3303409 (Patch to fix dictionary cache crash.)

  2011-07-01 02:05 kevina:

  Address 32 bit dictionaries cause problems on 64-bit system
  (#2818850). The problem was that I was using size_t for the hash
  function, is different for 32 and 64 bit systems. I can't really fix
  the problem without breaking compatibility, so instead I: 1) Detect if
  an incompatible hash function is used and 2) Allow fixing the hash
  function to use always use a 32-bit int instead of size_t.

  2011-06-30 03:20 kevina:

  Version of last commit that doesn't depend on C99 feature.

  2011-06-30 01:43 kevina:

  64-bit cleanups.

  2011-06-28 21:38 kevina:

  [in common/convert.cpp]
  Don't "assert" on likely bad input when reading character conversion
  files, instead perform a "sanity" check which instead of aborting
  returns a (still likely unhelpful) error. So its, a bit of hack, but
  at least the checks will remain if NDEBUG is defined. Now, if the
  callee does something with the returned error---instead of say,
  ignoring it---is another matter altogether.

  2011-06-28 20:24 kevina:

  Fix recursive/dummy correction (# 2866627). It turned out to be a
  simple fix, in lookup_adv I should of been calling convert() rather
  than setting wi->word directly.

  Also some related (and minor) code cleanups.

  2011-06-27 03:10 kevina:

  When NDEBUG is not defined: (1) Output warning during build, and (2)
  append " NDEBUG" to the version string. See
  http://aspell.net/ndebug.html for why I do this.

  2011-06-26 04:08 kevina:

  Fix encoding problem when adding all lower-case version of word to the
  personal dictionary. Fixes: Personal dictionary FUBAR for Russian
  language (#3140145).

  2011-06-26 01:11 kevina:

  Fix: aspell-0.60.6-26.31: bad call to C++ STL erase (#2825218).

  2011-06-26 00:46 kevina:

  Fix Crash for Empty File and clean up temp file after Error (#2018451)

  2011-06-25 20:19 kevina:

  Apply patch #2030051, prefix to shared location.

  2011-06-25 20:09 kevina:

  Compile fixes for Clang (Patch #3299639).

  2011-06-25 18:34 kevina:

  2011-01-18 12:58 kevina:

  Document output format "-" for run-together in pipe mode.
  from Jörg Sommer <email address hidden>
  from http://bugs.debian.org/499570
  from https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=2941703&group_id=245&atid=300245

  2011-01-18 01:22 kevina:

  Translate Unicode ' to ASCII ' internally when using a ISO Laten
  charset that doesn't have the Unicode '.
  See Word List Bugs 3158309:

  2010-03-12 20:32 kevina:

  [in manual/readme.texi]
  -mno-cygswin => -mno-cygwin

  2010-03-02 22:37 kevina:

  Fix outputting of wide characters. Fix bug 2955373, "ignoring german
  umlauts in replacements".

  2008-04-17 21:33 kevina:

  Fix bug pointed out by http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/query-pr.cgi?pr=122873

  From: Roland Smith <email address hidden>
  Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2008 00:07:10 +0200 (CEST)
  Subject: [PATCH] textproc/aspell 0.60.6 dumps core checking a TeX file.

  When trying to spell a TeX file aspell dumped core, complaining
  that the configuration symbol 'f-tex-command' was not defined.

  Some digging around turned out that the script
  gen/mk-static-filter.pl is broken. It generates an incorrect
  gen/static_filters.src.cpp. Specifically, the variables pointing
  to the first and last members of arrays are not set correctly
  (first and last both point to the beginning of the array, even for
  non-empty arrays!).

  2007-12-03 00:16 kevina:

  Part of 1415029 was likely fixed with the commit to get it to compile
  with gcc 4.3. This fixes the rest.

  2007-12-02 20:28 kevina:

  Compile fixes for Gcc 4.3. Also removed some new Warnings introduced by -Wall.

  Always line buffer stdout and stderr in Aspell utility that has the
  potential to be used interactively through a pipe.

  2007-11-05 17:57 kevina:

  [in manual/aspell.texi]
  Fix typos pointed out by Karl Berry

Also increment library version and fix up version when

640. By kevina on 2007-12-03

Compile fixes for Gcc 4.3. Also removed some new Warnings introduced by -Wall.

639. By kevina on 2007-11-05

Fix bug where precat will delete the file being extracted.

638. By kevina on 2007-10-24

Fix crash in suggest.cpp when no affix file is defined.

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