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This branch is an import of the CVS module amanda from :pserver:anonymous@amanda.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/amanda.

Last successful import was on 2006-06-23.

Recent revisions

2998. By martinea on 2006-06-23

* docs/Makefile.am: Typo.

2997. By martinea on 2006-06-23

* docs/Makefile.am (pkgdata_DATA): Add amaespipe.8.txt amcrypt.8.txt
  amcrypt-asym-ossl.8.txt amcrypt-ossl.8.txt amfetchdump.8.txt
* docs/amaespipe.8.txt: New file.
* docs/amcrypt.8.txt: New file.
* docs/amcrypt-asym-ossl.8.txt: New file.
* docs/amcrypt-ossl.8.txt: New file.
* docs/amfetchdump.8.txt: New file.

2996. By martinea on 2006-06-23

* docs/Makefile.am (pkgdata_DATA): Add howto-auth.txt.
* docs/howto-auth: Documentation on auth.
* docs/*.txt: Update from xml-docs

2995. By martinea on 2006-06-23

* man/xml-source/amanda.conf.5.xml: Add notes anout bsdudp and bsdtcp.
* man/xml-source/amanda-client.conf.5.xml: Ditto.

2994. By martinea on 2006-06-22

* recover-src/extract_list.c (is_empty_dir): New function.
* recover-src/extract_list.c: Print a warning if cwd is not empty.

2993. By martinea on 2006-06-22

* server-src/amadmin.c: Allow 'p' and 'P' in --sort argument.

2992. By martinea on 2006-06-22

* server-src/amadmin.c: Print errstr returned by match_disklist.
* server-src/amcheck.c: Print errstr returned by match_disklist.
* server-src/amflush.c: Print errstr returned by match_disklist.
* server-src/diskfile.c (match_disklist): Return an error str.
* server-src/diskfile.h (match_disklist): New prototype.
* server-src/planner.c: Print errstr returned by match_disklist.
* server-src/reporter.c: Accept host/disk as arguments.

2991. By martinea on 2006-06-22

* server-src/amindexd.c (uncompress_file): Set LC_ALL=C before
                                           executing sort.

2990. By martinea on 2006-06-22

* server-src/driver.c (wait_children, kill_children): New function.
* server-src/driver.c (wait_for_children): Use wait_children and
* server-src/driver.c (main): Use wait_children.
* server-src/driverio.c (taper_cmd, chunker_cmd): Close socket on QUIT
                                                  or ABORT command.

2989. By martinea on 2006-06-22

* common-src/amfeatures.c (am_init_feature_set): Set fe_amrecover_feedme_tape.
* common-src/amfeatures.h (fe_amrecover_feedme_tape): New amfeatures.
* common-src/fileheader.c (print_header): Fix.
* recover-src/extract_list.c: Use fe_amrecover_feedme_tape.
* restore-src/amfetchdump.c: Print error if get_lock == 0.
* restore-src/amidxtaped.c: Call send_message if get_lock == 0.
* restore-src/restore.c: Split search_tapes in 5 functions.
* restore-src/restore.h (send_message): prototype.

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